Addon Mod Idea

  • I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong thread, I couldn't find anything else and this was as close as I could get to my issue. I know almost nothing of java programming, but I make mod ideas, I made a mod idea that is based off of minecraft vanilla and industrial craft 2. And I want to post my ideas on minecraft forums, can I get an email of a high staff member or something. Because industrialcraft is copyrighted and I got images of some items from the industrialcraft 2 wiki. Can I have confirmation from an administrator or an administrator's or developer's email-addreass so I can ask for permission if needed. I didn't modify the industrialcraft 2 images, only used them in my mod idea, addon idea crafting recipes. So like, if you have trouble understanding, I made in my mod idea that you can electrolyze a 60K coolant cell and then compress it to my own idea image that I made, etc etc. Thank you very much, if this is posted in the wrong forum a moderator can move this, I signed up on this forums just to ask this. :)

  • I also would bet you your idea would have a bigger resonance here, since everybody is an IC² fan and your idea is more likely to get picked up sometime.