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    Sorry I havent been on lately, but I do have several excuses.

    1. LoL is a fucking addictive game, holy shit. Gold 4 baby, #ELOHELL4lyfe.

    2. Forums account kept resetting. For some reason, every week or so my password would change so I couldn't log in, don't know of it is still doing this but nothing appears to happen on my account so it might just be some strange error. Reset it to a new one now, hopefully it works.

    3. FPS Lag from shitty laptop and GREGS 10 BILLION FUCKING TEXTURES ADDED EVERY FUCKING PATCH made it very demoralising to play/work on MC stuff, so I kind quit in pursuit of quality memes over on reddit and league. This and GCSE/college stuff is kinda distracting. I might start it again if my wrist heals up, i have minor RSI from clicking too much :(

    I will still visit occasionally and have been checking up on stuff, but I won't be finishing that gregtech pack. Im only one man: Greg, how can you do this to me?

    Not sure how I feel about this "Aroma" guy though, he kinda... stinks 8)

    "Black" Tea was originally mostly from china, however many civilisations had their own versions and still do, since it is just flavoured leaves in water. Britain started the second major production of the black tea leaf in india and for a very long time was drunk far more than coffee, however in recent years american globalisation has led to coffee beating tea. However, the UK is still the 5th largest consumer of tea, with the US at 70th, so it is still considered a "british" thing. Place 1 through 4 mostly don't use black tea, and instead use other non-chinese leaves.

    I say black tea since "Tea" has now become a generic term, instead of just referring to the tea plant.


    I wouldn't judge America based on a visit to Las Vegas.

    By american people, I meant the americans who live here. I do know about Las Vegas' dark past :p *cough cough railroad workers cough cough mafia cough cough*
    I also know about differing state laws, btw.

    Talking of 'merica, I shot a glock, MP5, a barrot rifle and a SCAR. God, that was fun.

    Arrived in Navada this morning, have some concerns for general health of american people. Why the hell is smoking inside still legal? People leave massive smoke clouds inside poorly ventilated rooms where people sit for hours with their children. y u let dis plox ban noww

    Ignoring the smell (And high risk of all cancers known to man), Vegas is at least rather pretty.
    Well, at night at least; during day it looks like a grey blob.

    The point of the nano helmet is to make you near immortal for energy cost, but have no buffs. Oly the Q suit has buffs because of some random magic properties of iridium. Or something.

    If there is anything in the game that needs a buff, the fuel powered jetpack. There is currently no reason to use it at all instead of the electrical one, since the slightly higher flight distance is no where near enough to cover the fuel annoyance.
    Perhaps to fix this, make the fuel jetpack accelerate more and have a slower hover mode?
    I think the electric jetpack could have a recipe nerf (It's been a long time coming, really), since it seems a little easy to make some uber powerful ion engine (Perhaps just an update with some of the newer crafting items).

    No idea about film, but TV show: Ripping Yarns. It's an old one and is fairly short, so it might be hard to find, but holy crap is it halarious xD

    Does anyone know what the solar distillery does?

    this looks really awesome! I'm really liking the direction this mod is going, good job all devs!

    Thats actually just a picture of an upscaled regular nuke, which has been in for ages. In the config you can set the maximum power of them, and this is a power 200 weapon.

    Gah, thunderdark, slow down a bit! I can hardly keep up! xD The next batch of textures should be done soon, but first, can someone tell me how the new wind turbine works?

    PS. TD: It is spelt distiller, not destiller ;)