1.6.4 Self Sustainable Fusion Reactor?

  • Ive got an odd dilemma.

    Ive built 1.5.2 Fusion reactors and was able to make it self sustaining with about 44K net output.
    The basic fuel production design is commonplace knowledge with some tweaks.

    Since the changes from 1.5.2 to 1.6.4 included having to make electrolyzed water cells for hydrogen and plasma cells are only worth half the total EU in a plasma generator, is there a feasible way to make the reactor self sustaining?
    Every way I look at it the output is not enough to sustain tritium and deuterium production from water for fuel.
    Are self sustaining fusion reactors a thing of the past now?

    Any advice or help would be appreciated.


  • As long as you don't overclock the fuel producing machines too much it'll be self-sustainable with extra energy output.

  • Would any of you happen to know the quantities of machines required to produce the fuel.

    I know I need 144 centrifuges, 12 for Tritium, 12 for Deuterium, and 120 for feeding the Tritium Centrifuges.
    I then remember using 32 electrolyzers to produce the Hydrogen cells from water.
    They total out to ~4,500-5,000 EU/T to run IIRC on 1.5.2.

    The second build I used overclocked centrifuges, and I remember them drawing about 8,000 EU/T separate from the Electrolyzers, I think my total consumption was about 10,000-12,000 EU/T.

    But nowadays in 1.6.4, I need ~6 electrolyzers producing electolyzed water cells per every one making hydrogen, and at ~120 EU/T, that totals out to ~23,000 EU/T.
    According to NEI, helium plasma only produces 4,096K eu @ 2,048/Tick now, which brings the mean output down from 32 plasma generators down to about 16 plasma generators outputting a total of ~32,000 EU/T.

    Add in the non overclocked EU/T from before (5,000+23,000) and the net output seems to only be in the 4000-5000 EU/T range.

    Do I have my machine counts and plasma outputs close? Is all this math somewhat correct?
    I suppose it just seems low to me. It might just be because im used to the 40,000 EU/T I was generating in 1.5.2.

    Thanks for all the help.