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    The solution to powering an EBF has always been 3 LV energy hatches, with each hatch fed by 2 LV generators (Turbines or Diesel). And out of those 3 hatches/6 generators, 2 hatches/4 generators will take full load, and the 3rd/last 2 will take partial load to make up for the inefficiency of the first two/four.

    In my current game I've used a bit different setup - 4 lower-tier energy hatches with equivalent tier diesel generators attached straight to them with no cables or battery boxes between. As long as I was providing enough fuel for the generators I was smelting several stacks of aluminum/titanium (with 128EU hatches/generators) without issues.

    Only problem is that you'll need to be able to access the furnace from the bottom since you'll have all nine blocks of the bottom layer be in use in some form. I have my BF on my second floor of the machine shop so access is trivial from the first floor.

    I found the mod just today myself. it's a nice thingy but somewhat limited.
    Though considering ZenScript is rather limited itself then having an outside editor isn't really helping that much either.

    What I envisioned was some sort of a tool that can take in NEI/MT dumps and use them to have a uberfancy editor that can use all the data to make it easier to edit the scripts.
    Though considering ZenScript currently lacks both #include-like syntax and proper conditional execution (if (mod exists) { do_stuff() }) then external editor wouldn't be all that useful at the moment. Those features are planned and are in work for MT, no clue when they get released.

    I was builidng a modpack for myself and tried using the scripts from this thread (from github) but as I'm not having all the same mods installed as are used there then re-editing the scripts was rather tedious. The editor I wished for could have detected that and prompted with a list of items/recipes that need fixing :)

    I would assume that the main problem with lack of stargates is that there really isn't anything interesting enough to go through them.

    I vaguely remember Greg has mentioned planning to have a whole GT-dimension at some point. I would guess if that dimension ever gets added, stargates will be too. Having them just as yet-another-portal isn't all that interesting.

    Has anyone thought about making a tool for creating those scripts? Manual editing seems awfully tedious and error-prone. Also using the scripts from github is rather cumbersome whenever one happens to not have a mod installed that a script is using. I'd do something like that myself but knowing how lazy I am I'm almost certain I won't.

    Btw, is there a way to somehow dump all the item names that MCTweaker supports together with their in-game human-readable names? If that would be possible then perhaps making such a tool wouldn't be too much of a trouble.

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    Those seem to be coming from IHL tools mod.

    Let's see it like that: What happens if Microsoft fucks this up? I mean if it fucks up the greatest Game in History? What a reputation would Microsoft get if the largest Game Community of all time hates them?

    Please, *do* tell us what would happen. MS has screwed people all over on numerous occasions but they haven't really lost anything in the process. They also haven't had any real PC game for years now, barely even any ports, so there really is no reputation to loose anyway.

    As was said, MS has been very actively trying to murder PC gaming as a whole for nearly a decade to push more sales on XB. MC already has sold more on XB than on PC.

    Also, as was said, there is more on the picture than just the MC sales. For MS the sales of XB are far more important than sales of stuff directly related to MC. Whenever they can get a single new XB user they are bound to earn at least an order of magnitude more from them than from having just sold another copy of MC. The Halo francise is a perfect example of abusing an IP to push their console at the cost of PC gaming.

    Suicide how/why exactly? As you said, there are a lot of customers on XB and MC is just the kind of game that could very well be the key for many people for choosing what gaming platform to invest in.

    Halo succeeds mainly for being massively advertised and for often being (one of) the first FPS games whenever new XB version comes out. As a FPS it's mediocre at best.
    As for modding, just look at what they did with the series after CE. Last PC port is two generations behind XB and even that one was massively delayed compared to XB version.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they'd do similarly with MC:
    give more or less decent support for the current version including free updates and ports to all sorts of systems
    Make MC 2.0, have it be XB (timed) exclusive, community modding, if existent at all, will be similar to XBLA with paid content and majority of the income going to MS.

    Microsoft has been *very* active trying to not support PC gaming since the first XB. I wouldn't be surprised if they saw MC as a potential killer-app (francise) for XB when they cut support for other platforms.

    Why do you guys hate Microsoft? Better them than most other companies...

    Make two lists of things MS has bought:
    1) things they didn't screw up
    2) things they screwed up

    What list is bigger?
    Is there *anything* in the first list?

    I wouldn't be surprised if modded-MC follows the path of Flowerchild (heh) and picks a relatively recent version of MC and just keeps building stuff on that instead of trying to keep up with the latest versions. Forge-like things have made massive changes to MC internals, I'd be surprised if they couldn't be able to implement pretty much anything needed for it to keep evolving.


    One way for MS to make money out of MC is if when the MC realms becomes popular.

    And to correct this. Mj is not dieing just after Space Toad came back. It's dieing because of decisions he made regarding MJ. He alone is responsible for mods turning their backs on MJ. It's sad really, but that's how it is.

    From what I gather MJ problems come from the power system still being under development and thus buggy and hard to be compatible with when the API keeps changing. Sort of like IC2 is at the moment :)