pressurizer reactor coolang internal tank should be far larger

  • 5*5*5 cube under "standart buildcraft space-time" can hold up to 2000 blocks of liquid (5*5*5*16) since pressure involved, both tanks for hot and cold coolant should be atleast 2000 blocks size.

    normally player wont fill them to 100% but really large tank will make "burst" reactor viable, when player heat massive amount of coolant at once, then slowly process it.


  • There is only one problem with this: You can't keep multiple reactors full of coolant because it will take too much to fill a single one.
    A maximum of 100-200 buckets for each tank would be enough.

  • :S So in construction you left 20 blocks Air inside = 1Block = 1 Bucked = 1000mB .... Inputtank = 10 Buckets.... outputtank = 10 Buckets very logical for me

  • single block devices feature 8-10 buckets storage.

    single block liquid tank (buildcraft) feature 16 buckets storage.

    125 block machine feature 20 buckets storage...

    there is no logic, atleast 100 buckets per both tanks shoud be by default