I cant refill my LZH condenensator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doesnt work anything!!!! Lapis lazuli dont work, Lapis lazuli DUST dont work, Lapis lazuli BLOCK dont work, Lapis lazuli dont work, REDSTONE dont work. Recharge in MFE dont work!!!! I tried everithyng!!!!!
    Why wiki is silent about it?

  • To be honest, I've never used condensators. I tried to figure out how to manually recharge them by poking through the ic2 jar, looking through machine recipe lists and the shaped/shapeless recipes in the internal config files. I can find the recipe to create it just fine. I can find the class files that define how it gets used in a reactor, but I can't find a recipe for recharging it.

    I suspect the condensators are going to be removed as part of the new reactor system changes. They function somewhat similar to Coolant anyway.

    Fortunately, because it is a reactor component that stores heat, it will interact with Component Heat Vents and Heat Exchangers just like any of the other components. So there is still the option of cooling the condensator down inside a second reactor by putting Component Heat Vents around it. Don't bother with fuel in the reactor, just leave it "on" with a redstone signal and the condensator's damage value will slowly go down.

  • its a long process, but it works!!!! I would use something else, but I had already spent all the resources on the creation of condensators. First i thought, that its a bug, like I can't create advanced machine, but here i've found a way to create it..

    Thanks, man

  • one question before creating new thread: How do i create 10k coolant cell?
    I know! I need 4 tin plate and (dont know how in english- Im Russian) refrigerant cell. its such a black cell that cool. I cant make 10k cell from water cell anymore. God, what happens to IC2?