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    I know greg ignores this alot, but outer people dont

    how about give invar cover a feature? like making the simple plate when placed in a fluid pipe block the damage from steam, and a dense plate block the damage from lava. the reason is simply because invar blocks are heat proof, so i believe the same could be said about the plate. Or we could get a crafting of a pipe with invar plates around to make a invar convered pipe, or simply invar pipes with less fluid than steel but heat proof.

    Also, lately i am having trouble to figures out how gt e-net work with diferent machines request/batterys/ic2 machines, so i cant find how to set to always go to one first them later outer, so how about a especial cable to have a higher priority than the outers? we have a pipe to make pipeline better, and we do have a way ti make fluid pipes more effective, only remaining the gt e-net without a way to optimize without just dumping more losses.

    Invar isn't heatproof. It merely does not expand upon heating. In fact, it conducts heat better than something like styrofoam.

    For the Moment until we have a soldering Tool I make Duct Tape with Minetweaker craftable.

    recipes.addShaped(<gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:32764>, [
    [<IC2:itemPartCarbonMesh>, <IC2:itemPartCarbonMesh>, <IC2:itemPartCarbonMesh>],
    [<ore:sheetRubber>, <ore:sheetRubber>, <ore:sheetRubber>],
    [<ore:cellGlue>, <ore:cellGlue>, <ore:cellGlue>]]);

    Not necessary, because you can still run the IBF with a few errors, albeit at a penalty to efficiency.

    Some Minecraft Recipes : Red Sand, Compass and Cobweb

    I'm pretty sure cobwebs are intended to be hard to get. You should need Silk Touch shears for those.

    As for compass (don't think I have the correct OreDict names here so replace them wherever possible), I recommend:

    recipes.addShaped(<minecraft:compass>, [

    Not sure if there is a way to remove Assembler recipes though.

    - You need a non-magnetic material to hold the compass. Hence tin or aluminium should be used. Considering how useless the compass is at present, tin would make it less underpowered. Zinc could be applicable too.
    - Rings are used because the compass is round.
    - Magnetized Iron screw: obvious. Rods are far too big to fit inside. Although I think there is something that could be slightly bigger than a screw, which would be more applicable.
    - Glass Pane: to "shield" the magnet from physical damage
    - Screws and screwdriver: to fix the parts together.

    And it's confirmed. Mojang acquired for $2.5 billion. Notch quitted Mojang too.

    As said, hopefully MS doesn't fuck up the game by screwing with the EULA (which would screw up YouTube, Twitch and mods) and screwing with the current Mojang team.

    EDIT: Microsoft's official press release
    By the wording, it seems that MC will still be available on non-MS platforms.

    EDIT 2: The Mojang post does seem to be optimistic about modding future though, so that may not be so bad.
    CPW is quitting though. He's deleting his Twitter account in 22 hours.

    A Quantum Sword a most powerful weapon indeed when changed (in mfsu) it deals more than enough damage to kill all foes including unprotected player (no amour or leather amour) when used bust energy go flying injuring or killing near by mobs and player.

    it would be made tire 3 iridium components witch are made from a lot of iridium plates and tire 2 iridium components and they are made from a lot of iridium plates and tire 1 iridium components and they are made from iridium plates.

    First, I recommend the usage of this:

    Secondly, your recipes are very specific. It is so obvious what is the balance of this object, its value and its technological requirements.

    Energy belts or batteries belts are worn in the trousers slot which means tools can be charged on the go and you still get to wear you chest plate

    Have you never heard of this great invention called the (Advanced) Bat-Pack/Energy-Pack?

    EDIT: You know, I honestly don't see the conceptual difference between a Energy Crystal and a Lapotron Crystal Bat-Pack. Instead of making three 10-word posts, consider combining them and posting them together instead?

    so something is leading me to believe I screwed up the install somehow because after installing gregtech for MC 1.7.10 I noticed a few machines (specifically the AESU and IDSU) are missing, otherwise things seem to be working right, I feel like there might be more missing but I am not personally familiar with the new Gregtech (with the bronze age and new power systems etc)

    Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated

    Firstly, there is a section for GregTech. Post there next time. EDIT: Well, apparently it has been moved there...

    Secondly, GregTech 5.x is very different from GregTech 4.x. It is indeed out of beta stage, but you shouldn't expect a lot of things to carry over. The AESU and IDSU have not been implemented yet. The GT section on the FTB wiki has been updated. You can look around here or look up there for more information.

    This server died long ago. Unstick thread.

    While I neither agree nor disagree with your demands, there is no need to barge into the IC2 forums and just yell for everything you want. There are 7 billion people on Earth, and a few million that play Minecraft, and a hundred or so on these forums. Nobody complies to just one out of so many people's demands. There is no need to be so aggressive.

    Consider looking up "tact" and "sensitivity".

    I play on 1.6.4 gregtech hardmode minecraft. How to make 1st macerator? By advanced circuit or by diamond grinder? I don't know how to do both things ( advanced circiut needs lapis lazuli dust, diamond grinder needs diamond dust). I just travel in NEI and I'm very confused.

    Go via the steam age, you can get lapis dust from the steam grinder thing.

    Letting the iron furnace accept heat would actually be really cool, since very few people actually make it other than when making generators. It would be a bit like Factorization's furnace heater letting you use it's power to run vanilla furnaces.
    If we had kinetic macerators, we'd really need hand cranks to power them, so you could end up with slow, yet early game maceration.

    Or we could use a similar concept to Sync and get animals to do it for you.

    why kU? it makes more sense for EU and just say its an elec motor as it would be IRL.
    unless you go back to steam powered saw mills, then it'd be kU. belt transmission btw.

    Or allow both?

    And a standard furnace (not blast) that runs on hU would be cool too.

    Macerators running on kU would make sense too.

    So need help here:

    - Are the steam "explosions" completely normal?
    - Is there any benefit to having a higher temperature and hence pressure?
    - How are the Kinetic Steam Generator and Kinetic Generator aligned?