Noobish Question about transformers

  • Hello,

    I have a small house with 4 solar cells loading 3 batboxes. When I need to use some machines the batboxes drain. So far so good. To increase capacity I thought I can build some more batboxes or a cesu unit. I tested and they don't acceppt solar input power (wiki say's up to not only 128EU/t). So I did a small test but am unable to get it running.

    My testsetup: BatBox with energy:

    Connected to LV-Transformer. Transformer switched to correct up mode:

    But the cesu isn't charging at all:

    Here's an overview:

    Do I am doing anything wrong? Are the cables too low? 32EU/t should be sufficient for tin and 128 for gold. Any help is much appreciated.

    Edit: Of course I am aware of correct direction of output points.