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    Hi there,

    I am at the end of my ideas. I got a fluid reactor setup with 2 steam generators generating superheated steam and 2 kinetic steam generators after to drive my kinetic generator. I have fluid ejector upgrades in the 2 steam generators and also in the condenser. This setup works.

    We play Minecraft 1.7.10 with buildcraft and industrialcraft.

    Now I expanded this setup by 2 new kinetic steam generators. I think (and checked) I did it like the working setup. I create superheated steam and the setup works for some seconds. But the second kinetic steam generator get's flooded with water and won't output it to the pipes attached (like on the working setup). If I then take the fluid ejector upgrade from the first kinetic steam generator the second one outputs all the water to the first kinetic steam generator. Like it is ignoring it has pipes attached.

    Here are the machines:


    The first kinetic steam generator.


    And as you can see it has ejected the water to the second kinetic steam engine but this one is not ejecting water to the pipes:


    And if I take the fluid ejector upgrade from the first kinetic steam engine, it gets flooded from the second one:


    The very only thing which alters from the working setup is the direction. It is 90 degrees anti clockwise where I had some room. Has anyone any idea or hint?


    Each 1mb of superheated steam also needs 200 HU/t otherwise the boiler won't be hot enough to produce it and you get steam explosions at the first kinetic steam generator (as it doesn't have a condenser touching it, but shouldn't need one if you're only using super heated steam), due to it getting normal steam along side super heated.

    This may be the reason! I didn't tried to use 200 HU/t as it began to explode when using 60 or 80 HU/t. I thought because the turbines have fluid ejector's the water won't be pumped into the turbine. Thank you, I'll try it in a hour at home. :thumbup:

    Hi there,

    we're playing on dedicated server with latest 1.7.10 IC2 build (826). Currently I'm having problems with superheated steam.
    When I use steam all is ok (50EU/t) but then I use superheated steam it is exploding when I have more than 40HU/t coming to the steam generator. Values: 221bar and 1mb/t water.
    I searched the forum and tried to add an condenser next to the steam generator but then all the steam goes to the condenser and nothing to the turbine so the condenser next to the steam generator isn't a solution to this.

    When I have a turbine and a condenser next to the turbine it's generating EU (10EU/t while the steam generator get's 40HU) but this is not optimal. As soon as I add a second turbine the steam keeps "exploding" and the second turbine doesn't get any steam.

    So my question: How's the optimal setup after the liquid heat exchangers and which upgrades do you use? I've fluid ejectors inside the turbine and condenser. When I add a buildcraft pipe the first turbine ejects steam to the pipes instead of the second turbine.

    Any help is much apreciated.

    Just a quick question because it is a component of my test 5x5 reactor: My steam generator looses temperature much too fast even when using 1PSI and 1mB to generate steam. I have the setup from physics in post #20. The 2 heat exchangers has all 10 heat conductors. What am I doing wrong?

    OK boys,

    How is distilled water made? I have this thread: Coolant Cell
    But I can't figure any receipe how these ones are made. So I ask for the receipe for a steam generator, condenser and distilled water.

    I'll also add these receipes to wiki if I got them (if wiki editing is welcome here; dunno if there's one person who updates wiki regularily).


    I have a small house with 4 solar cells loading 3 batboxes. When I need to use some machines the batboxes drain. So far so good. To increase capacity I thought I can build some more batboxes or a cesu unit. I tested and they don't acceppt solar input power (wiki say's up to not only 128EU/t). So I did a small test but am unable to get it running.

    My testsetup: BatBox with energy:

    Connected to LV-Transformer. Transformer switched to correct up mode:

    But the cesu isn't charging at all:

    Here's an overview:

    Do I am doing anything wrong? Are the cables too low? 32EU/t should be sufficient for tin and 128 for gold. Any help is much appreciated.

    Edit: Of course I am aware of correct direction of output points.