are rubber sheets impractical?

  • i am looking at a combo of my magnatizer to go up a shaft and rubber sheets every level to go down.

    i understand the need to anchor the rubber but feel maybe there could be a change ( like using steps and the rubber be on top)
    the idea of having the rubber be below a block feels a bit wasteful or out of place

    right now you have to setup like this
    :Coalball: = steps/some incline
    :Tin Ore: = normal block
    :Force Field: = empty space

    :Tin Ore: :Force Field: :Tin Ore:
    :Tin Ore: :Rubber Trampoline: :Tin Ore:

    :Force Field: :Rubber Trampoline: :Force Field:
    :Coalball: :Force Field: :Coalball:

    a setup like this would be good and not make it too crazy looking maybe?