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    should not have changed..

    are you on a mod server? could the mods be limiting things?

    it was like 2.1 generators could be powered by 1 fermenter ( see other posts i made)

    are you constantly running it ? try seeing if it can be allowed to backup ( don't connect power ) and let everything fill and then let it run for a while.. does it flicker/ have issues?

    I am really disapointed do find out that the Combustion engine for bc2 doesnt accept ic2 biogas. Is there maybe an addon that allows the combustion engine to accept biogas or maybe makes a totally diffrient engint that allows biogas and makes RF? :Bio Cell:

    since rf is useless for EU machine no.. better to make EU and have a enet bridge or use mekanism universal cables to power ( mekanism cables auto convert based n server settings)

    good idea.. but make it use molten salt or such.. which i understand is used in real life. this could be stored in tanks for all night power access if someone wanted?

    pump up to top heat and pump down to cool...

    use sterling generators or a steam turbine setup to make power

    this should be a middle to late tier product... IE it requires something special to go above 3-4 high ? and over 10 requires irridium for supports?

    part of the problem is integration.. if you guys just let the machine use redstone flux it would not be the biggest issues.. but you don't and it is..

    the machines for mekanism for processing are awesome.. 5x ore! it is complex to setup but not too bad..

    imho add a simple option to use redstone flux.

    fix ore processing to be a bit streamlined ( no more nuggets )

    IC2 tries to be alot .. weapons armor ore processing .. it might be doing too much and people don't like that?

    That'd be cool, and a good distraction from the E-net :P

    if your primary deal is distract i advise against it :) the idea imho is to make something worth having in itself

    and after working on a server with RF only i am looking down on IC2's enet.. it does not need to be complex as it is :(

    You have NEI and don't see the Recipe for the Diamond Drill? Don't go with random Sites suggesting random Recipes which may be outdated.

    but silly but he was asking in the right place! that site is ususally good i understood

    http://wiki.industrial-craft.n…x.php?title=Diamond_Drill to make it! you need a drill bit

    to make the drill bit ont he turning table use this page http://wiki.industrial-craft.n…title=Turning_Table#Drill

    why not breed sticky resin ? it comes from sugarcane and takes a little but its easier imho and that "mod" is not needed!

    No i meant something like a higher temperature, and hot springs and things like that( i THINK these are caused by geothermal spots, corect me if I'm wrong). Also, lava lakes are kinda unrealistic as indicators for geothermal activity, as that just isn't hot enough. They are also quite unrealistic by themselves, the lava SHOULD cool down in a short period of time.

    hot springs would work.. but the issue is you don't want to deplete them :)

    maybe have the water as a drink? ( adds a buff because its sparkeling/carbonated? )

    I would suggest the waters "heal" a bit but should they be a limited resource or can you make more with a machine and water and heat and compressed air? ( idea ? )

    in any part of the world youc an dig down deep enough to get to heat/cooling options for a home.. its how deep..
    if you can re-do a biome some it would be awesome then :)

    since it only modifies the bedrock, I think retro-gen would be fairly easy to do, like how thaumcraft can place nodes in places. anyway, the 60HU/t is about 1.5 RTGs (unless my math is wrong) which is pretty good for a renewable power source. though, the idea of having diminishing returns by having too many in the same area is interesting. I know that in real life, over-harvesting geothermal causes the amount produced to diminish over time. perhaps the output could be increased, but having too many close by would result in the output slowly decreasing somewhat. that way, having a lucky geothermal spot somewhere else is still a good boon, without making volcano biomes overpowered. I will add that to the OP.

    how can a mod retrogen a world? ( curious about this since i am wanting to add mods that need things like oil or uses redstone energy )

    also messing with bedrock imho is a bit weird but ok :)

    well in real life they use the heat to make steam turbines.. and 60 hu/t is not enough.. you need 200 hu/t to do it with the current setup!

    i would say doing multiple tiers would be good.. 60 hu/t is enough to run a single fermenter at max but i would not do that..
    a sterling can do max 50 i thought?

    consider your going up against solar on this and thats pretty powerfull once you get it going /get alot of them.. ( current array/system maked about 1k/tick in sun )

    I would hope my idea of pumping things down would be a good solution to limiting and creating tiers :)

    RE geothermal with a mood/volcano spot would offer alot more then normal.. so 3-4 or more in a small area would be decent return and not overwhelm ( IE they can do more mb/minute then non boosted sites so that if you had multiple you would not max out..

    IE a normal area say can support 4000 mb /minute whereas a hot zone could do 8000.. so it could do two tier 3's ?

    hope that makes sense?

    I have no idea what you just said.

    anyway, about the geothermal tile idea, with non-flat bedrock, one would just have check y-level 1-5 or so for bedrock blocks(for every x z coordinate, of course), and
    add the geothermal tile to the topmost. also, maybe some worldgen at the surface to indicate a geothermal tile being near?

    you would have 3 tiers of the geothermal machine, each one gives you more hot coolant but a 16x16 area ( chuck size but it checks the area to prevent gaming by placing in 4 nearby chunks ) can only support so much heat being pulled out a minute

    the tiers determine how DEEP you go.. and how much coolant you can pump in a minute, tier 1 X ammount, tier 2 X * 2-4, tier 3 X * 3-6?
    so higher tiers equal higher coolant per minute..
    they would pump down coolant into the "earth" and then pump up hot coolant ( sorta like how it works in real life )

    checking every minute would reduce server load i presume?

    So every server minute it checks the area and sees if there are other geothermal wells around ?
    If it finds any it divides the "heating" among all the wells of the same tier.. then waits a minute before doing it again.

    When it pumps up it fills up a internal tank.. with hot coolant and with a block that uses heat it cools down and puts the coolant into a "underground tank"

    Also you had no idea but could you have asked .. i can clarify like i have and hopefully explained and if not ask!


    Like them being under surface lava lakes?

    would require a re-generation/new world to work with.. and i don't feel
    that would help make it attractive.. plus that would limit this alot to
    specific areas.. ..

    it does make sense like iceland uses it ALOT to heat but those areas could just be a bonus?


    it increases by a new chunk having something under it that inproves the chunk its in?

    it would be good but i would suggest more then 60 .. and using the heat exchangers as a option? ( and coolent systems like the 5x5x5 has )

    my thought is top tier gives enough to run a kinetic steam system or two ?

    maybe have a check every minute? pull heat up once a minute to determine the "yeild" of heat

    for example tech lvl 1
    IE it sends say 1000 mb of coolant down to be heated up and once a minute it sends it back up as hot. but if two are in the are each one gets 500 mb..

    a tech 2 sends say 2500 mb down

    tech 3 sends say 5000 mb down.

    a tech 1 and 3 would give the tech 3 4500 mb and tech 1 500 ? ( tech 3 should get more then 50% but i can't think of good ratio balance #'s) ( or maybe a tech 1 will shut down when it sees a tech 3 to prevent waste?.. imho this would be easier and the tech 3 gets full load)

    but if you have equal techs then it should split as evenly as possable.

    the coolant can go to a heat exchanger or fermenter or furnace or something else? as desired..

    When you build a MOX reactor setup using steam, you're using the hot coolant to produce steam. In order to do that though, you've got to heat the steam generator up. If you pre-warm it using lava, you're getting the most out of the reactor possible. If you don't, there's a minute of it heating up in which you're not getting steam out of it, hence a minute of inefficiency.

    hmmm interesting.. lava could create steam of course :)

    but once warm a steam generator stays at a temp i found.. am i missing something ? its just the first time ?

    no nuke does this in real life because burning the gas creates heat which is used to fuel direcly so this should not be done with the reactor

    IMHO we don't NEED a fluid biogas heat source but make it the EU maker and heat maker ( 1 block uses 2x gas to make it more space efficent? ) only issue is start up? maybe have a motor spot for electric starting?

    IE a combined block for both ( new block) pulls electric for a small bit to start up the fermenter with a coil ( or you can put in biogas like now) it uses 2x biogas to heat and make electricity

    It can use turbines for increased outtput and create kenetic energy ( turbine would last 24+ hours real time at minimum) ? if no turbine its makes the EU directly but say 50% ?

    maybe a new fermenter as well.. one made to take higher heat to fuel it and outputs more.. IE 100 HU/t gives more biogas int he new fermenter that in the turbine burns better/hotter to make more EU the normal generator or makes the KU to spin for more? ( make one block able to do all for simplicities sake/easier upgrade?)

    I know about brewing, but most of it is patchy as it takes too long to reliably test. And no, holding back for him is pointless, IC2 has changed alot since 1.3.2 which was about when things were last added by him, so I guess it's time to modernise/update the remaining old things just a little.

    imho if he is not a active modder here then he does not have a right to complain new things were added to make what he made better/more accessable but not "easier"

    I guess it may be a good idea for me to suggest recipes, too. Alright.

    The Hydroponics Tray
    :Rubber: :Rubber:
    :Treetap: :Extractor: :Treetap:
    :Empty Cell: :Advanced Circuit: :Empty Cell:

    The tray would likely have a shallow indent on the top, which would show vague hydration levels by displaying a pool of water (or lack thereof) in it. Crop sticks would be placed there.

    I would say it should be a multi block items.. a growing area.. a testing area.. and a storage area/replicator
    adv circut of course for second two

    it should use hydoponic water

    it should be a mix of distilled water thats been mixed in a solid/fluid canning machine to add fertalizer..

    First block is where the growing happens.
    second block tester should be a crop analizer but you set what you want to gain.. IE better growth/yeild/resistance or that you want to crossbreed.
    third block is output/storage/replication options ( replication requires UU matter but not a huge ammount) No storage to crystal memory though!

    third block can take a seed packet and replicate it directly! ( IE eats the packet and outputs 2 packets using UU matter)

    first block can work on its own.. its just a simple mixer with high changes of breeding better. uses a luminator in building and requires continiious power to operate.. loosing power ruins the crop 1 adv circut

    second block should be long in processing.. so 2-3 days in game time? or time based on how much you want to improve the item.. IE a +1 to one stat a day.. +1 to all stats 3 days? should have a adv machine block and 2 adv circuts and a crop analizer

    third block should mainly be for once you have the levels you require to pump out copies so it should take a while to output imho!
    adv machine block adv circuts cropmatron and crop harvester