Electric Brewing Stand

  • Electric Brewing Stand:

    The basic ideas of this are:
    1. Auto brewing of the vanilla potions.
    2. New brewing recipes which are only craftable in the electric brewing stand which require IC components (sticky resin, dusts, crops). You can automate these as well.

    1. Auto brewing:
    You can select the potion you want and you need to put the different components in the machine (components will show up if you select a specific potion). The potions have there own EU cost each based on how many steps they would take in a vanilla brewing stand. I think 100 EU x steps needed in vanilla brewing would be a fair price to have it automated. Maybe an option to pump water into the machine so you only have to add empty glass bottles. Also the standard upgrades can be added (overclocker, transformer, ect.) and the machine runs at 32 EU/t native.

    2. New brewing recipes:
    There are new brewing recipes added which can only be crafted if you use the electric brewing stand. They take a longer time to be produced and cost more EU to be crafted. The components would be the standard vanilla components + all the IC stuff that would fit in brewing recipes. For example sticky resin, dusts, crops and maybe even radioactive stuff. Status effects for the new potions are there (hunger, blindness, haste, ect.) and maybe new effects can be added.

    Also if you add a fluid storage in the machine (which can store 1 or 2 buckets of fluid) there would only be empty water bottles as component and you can add recipes for even stronger potions which aren't based on water but maybe on UU-matter. Example would be 100mB liquid UU-matter + ghast tear + terra wart = potion that heals radiation effects. But potions based on other fluids are just an idea since they should be disabled in the scanner if they are based on UU-matter.

    My suggestion for a recipe of the electrical brewing stand would be:
    top:iron Plate, electronic circuit, iron plate
    mid:empty cel,l brewing stand, empty cell
    bot:iron plate, coil, iron plate

    In my opinion this would be a cool addition to IC2 ex.
    Let me know what you think!

    And black to the blind we seem to be.