I want to use NEI but....

  • So I've realized that I'm not going to get very far in the last version of IC2.x without NEI. However, when I try to install it, or just the chickencore(thingy) Minecraft will not launch all the way. Has anyone had issues with trying to install NEI and prereqs along side either Shaders or Voxel Maps(via LiteLoader). The NEI forum is not rife with up to date information. Not looking for someone to suggest a fix, but possibly an alternative recipe "guide." I know I'll probably get raged at for posting this here, but this has been the most informatively valuable resource as of late.

  • not to hot on liteloader imho.. seems to be just another mod interface and could add issues so i stay away.

    I use craftguide and it is practically perfect.. only recipie not in is the coolant one but i know its a pain in the rear for player to do that one for some reason.