Crop Harvester and Crop-Matron Information

  • I haven't been able to find any information on the crop harvester and its capabilities. It doesn't help that MFR's harvester uses EU and thus every page on it says "industrialcraft."

    It's apparently not the same as the one from GregTech, at least from what little I've been able to find. At least I hope not, because the one page I found said the GregTech one only works on the block directly in front of it.

    So can someone who actually knows firsthand give me some information on this? What's its range? How many blocks above and below is it capable of? Anything special about the cropnalyzer slot (i.e. is it required for regular operation, and if not, what's the difference? Do you have to have a charged battery in the cropnalyzer? If so, do you have to replace said battery periodically, etc.)?

    I notice the Crop-Matron takes water now instead of hydration cells. Is water the correct liquid? Are there alternative liquids that provide better/worse performance? Does the Crop-Matron still support crops within one vertical block of the machine? Does it still support a 9x9 area?

    I know I could experiment to find this out, but that wouldn't solve the lack of information on these blocks (and anything I post from experimentation might be in error). So I'm asking if anyone here knows the definitive word on these, and hopefully people searching for this will be able to find out as well.

  • Cropmatron: 9x9, uses fluid water (pump it with whatever method like pipes or fluid ejector from a pump).
    Crop Harvester: 11x11, add a cropnalyzer so it only harvests when "mature" (see stickyreed and some other plants that can be early harvested). It is not requried for most cases.
    You don't need to give the cropnalyzer a battery or something, the energy comes from the harvester.

    Both are able to take care of crops only on a level above or below, at most (if it can, i'm unsure if it can only do its own level).
    Batteries are not required for them.