config balance factors ?

  • Hi there,

    I am looking for someone to explain me, how exactly the balance factors are working (before trying anything on my own)..
    do they increase the energy output, or do they reduce the recourse usage (eg geothermal running longer per bucket), or something completely different?


  • Energy output per tick is increased.

    Lets say 1.0 of regular generator. It outputs 10 EU/t
    Change it to 2.0 and you will get the generator to output 20 EU/t, effectively doubling the total energy obtained aswell.

  • first, thanks for the fast reply, and sry for my late one (RL and stuff)..

    I was just recently capable of testing it with the Geothermal Generator.

    I changed the value to 2 and it generated 40EU/t until the buffer was full since it did only output 32EU/t.
    It also doubled the Lava consumption, totaling in 20.000EU per bucket instead of 40k EU as i did expect