[1.7.10] Wolfhound [SMP] {InfiTech 2}{GregTech}{mature}{Whitelist}

  • I have just set up a dedicated infitech 2 server and i'm looking for a few like minded individuals who are interested in playing on a hardmode gregtech based server.

    The dedicated server is based in Canada, which gives players from both Europe and USA a good connection.

    the Infitech modpack can be found on the ftb launcher by adding the following pack code : 17infitech

    There are no banned items, PvP is enabled.

    No Griefing Pranks are allowed as long as they don't destroy any player made structures or items
    No cheating or use of hacked clients.
    Players must be Friendly and willing to offer help to those who need it
    Quarries should be kept to the mining world
    No X-ray

    Mod List can be found here:

    in addition to the pack I will also be adding:
    Aroma1997s Dimensional World

    you can d/l this here: http://adf.ly/eWHjd[2]

    This is for creating a mining world for your quarries, etc.
    you will need to add this to your mods folder.

    Post a message below with a little about yourself(How long you've been playing, why I should whitelist you), where you're from and your mc username or PM me.

  • I'm from Wisconsin, US and have been playing with MC mods off and on since IC2 and BC first came out. I'm looking for a good server for something to do while GT6 is being
    developed and InfiTech 2 seems like the most balanced GT5 modpack. Thanks for hosting.

    IGN: AmishInvader

  • I'm from Germany and have been playing minecraft with and without mods since 2010. I want to play gregtech on a multiplayer server and i think this modpack seems like the best modpack to play hardcore gregtech.

    Ingamename: Sarooman

    Greetings from germany :)

  • I'm from Russia. I do like your modpack. It's hard to find something like this. I know about Gregtech a lot.
    Username: PaleBeta.

  • I'm from Canada :D InfiTech2 is a great modpack, and I like working with Gregtech because it makes everything harder. I know about all the other mods a lot better than Gregtech though.
    IGN: kaosjr

  • Hi, i am from Russia, i have play a little this pack on SP, but i'd like to lplay on server. i am 30 yaers old.

    Nick Runx22

  • Hi. I'm from Russia I'm 29.
    I've been playing Infitech2 for about 6 month in SP and I really like it.
    My IGN - EsterniTY

  • Hey there am 27 and from denmark and am looking for a infitech2 server that still is active :D

    I played alot of greg and still waiting for greg6 so playing some greg5 would help pass the time :)

    Am a friendly, active adult and active in community activities.

    // Fobius

  • I wanna be necromancer too, so if server is still running - i would like to apply.

    Im 17 (almost 18), from Ukraine, know GT not 100% but pretty much good, idk if i mature, probably i am.

    IGN - SirFell

  • Hey,
    I hope this server is still a thing since I am looking for an Infitech 2 server featuring a grown up community. I've started playing Minecraft back in 2010 and rather quickly turned to the modding community.
    GregTech based modpacks have always fascinated me due to the demanded efforts it takes to create new things. Especially this very well balanced pack took quite some of my time in the past 4 months.

    I am from Germany and my IGN is Linkinexe.

    Hope to see you soon on the server.

  • Seems like server is dead and TS does not check this thread so if you still want to play MP send me a message and I'll setup fresh new Infitech server :D