Thank You

  • I have been following IC for awhile now. In fact I can't play minecraft without it anymore. I almost cried when I read on the minecraft forums that you had stopped work on IC. You have made one of the most amazing mods I have ever used. When I came onto your forums awhile ago and found that you were making IC2 I was extremely excited. Now that IC2 has been out for abit allowing me to try it, let me just say, I didnt think IC could get any better. But this is absolutely amazing! I really love what your doing with IC2 and I cannot wait untill you get it completed and possibly updated to 1.8 ( The map gen in 1.8 is awesome sauce!) I just wanted to say that you and your team have one of the greatest mods ever made, WAY better then anything out there including that aether mod bs. I also love the fact your onboard with minecraft forge. This has allowed me to put your amazing mod in with Equivalent Exchange, Buildcraft, and Eloraam's Red power. Words Cannot express how much I love this mod, please continue making it even more amazing :love: :D :thumbup:

    I hope this is in the appropriate spot for this post. :S