Constant Errors

  • I've been getting constant errors on my server log.

    I used to have just one but with the latest IC2 796, it's none stop even with no one on the server.

    Running K Cauldron 1.7.10 1517.168 with IC2 exp 796

    Is there anything I can do to change this?
    Is it damaging to my server?

    • Official Post

    It's been most likely triggered by an ingame-action, unrelated to the build.

    The underlying problem is presumably Cauldron's tile entity placement simulation, which leaks some state and doesn't clean up properly by at least calling invalidate on the tile entity.

    You could investigate changing the log4j configuration in the cauldron jar (log4j2.xml) to filter the warnings, but IC2 already throttles them heavily. The only "damage" is that the affected block may be unable to send/receive energy and your logfile grows somewhat. It's not CPU intense.