Potion motion!

  • Besides the name, let's get serious.

    Automatic Potion brewing and potion drinker.

    For the Auto potion brewer, i've thought of that you put in the ingredients and it automatically makes a potion. no need to place new items or something like that. you put in the ingredients, and it automatically gives you a list of potions it can make, and it even has an internal storage so you can just leave the items in there and it'll be ready next time to make more. And maybe make an option so it starts up with a redstone signal and makes the potion until you run out of stuff, or you stop it.

    For the potion drinker i've thought of an item that you put in your inventory that has a tank, and if you enable it, it feeds you the potion automatically until you run out or shut it off. it won't feed you the whole potion at once, but give you 1 second of the potion and the rest of it will stay in the tank.

    This stuff probably won't be implemented, but is something interesting. :D