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    A few ideas:
    Lithium Batteries: tier 3 storage, tier 1 output. For mass-power storage at lower tiers.

    Iridium reactor plate: same as basic reactor plating, but weak (25%) reflector that doesn't degrade.

    circuit breaker: Block version (not a replacement) of the eu-splitter cable. Has a GUI with a lever for turning on and off power. Extra points if it hums when on and has a *bang* when shut off. for crafting, a basic machine with an eu splitter cable and a lever.

    I am going to recommend that if you use buildcraft or any mod that allows you to easily move fluids, to set up a fermentor on a liquid heat generator to a tank, then pipe the output (from the other side of the tank) to liquid heat generators and stirling generators. as long as you have plant material, you have a slow but steady power supply.

    I run reactors but use this as my "diesel" backup.

    If you don't have piping mods, a windmill with an iron rotor or two will hold you until you get a sustainable reactor built.

    what am I looking at? apart from a canning machine recipe?

    also, the water cell is directly loaded. i don't have to pipe the water into the machine, then run the cell (tends to overfill the intake tank, which is hard to evacuate after the job is done so the next one can run.)

    Bug Report:
    Either i need to rebuild my configuration (likely), or i am observing 2 bugs: cards don't work with their locations, even after re-sensoring the cards and picking up and replacing the information panel.
    2.When destroying an advanced information panel, and basic thermal monitor drops along with the rest of the expected items.
    potential: 5x5x5 reactor cards only work if used on the access hatch (intentional?)

    Energy cards display my 2 mfsu and charging mfsu as having 32000 storage and being empty, which they are not. recreating the cards was needed as the previous cards were "invalid."

    3 energy sensor cards not working(all reapplied)
    thermal monitor drops when destroying an advanced information panel

    Changes to 5x5x5 reactor card: opinion
    I like the design of the new card has using the fluid amounts, but i would still like the option to have the following display:
    current reactor heat
    melting temperature
    max heat
    rod hu/t output (what is my mox outputting at current temperature?)

    perhaps split this information into liquid sensor cards?
    that's my 2 bytes.

    OK, so i have done some fiddling with various configurations of nuclear steam production, and i have discovered that you can push more stream into a single kinetic Steam Generator than a single steam generator produces. However, I have yet to find a safe way to do this.

    The issue comes down to the fact that i cannot pull (superheated) steam from 2 steam generators and transport it to a single steam turbine successfully.

    The whole reason i want to do this is that the steam turbine (item) life is based on time, not output. Therefore, having a turbine produce more KU per lifetime means more efficient operations as the steam turbines do not last a very long time, are expensive to build and cannot be repaired.

    Fluid distributors did not appear to work for this purpose, but i may have had them set up wrong.

    Has anyone found a way to route more than 100mB/t of superheated steam into a single turbine pair without steam explosions?