[1.7.10] electricraft InfiTech 2 GregTech

  • We have started new server running on infitech2 modpack and i am looking for some who want to play

    The server is in Europe, which gives players good connection.

    the Infitech modpack can be found on the ftb launcher by adding the following pack code : 17infitech

    There are no banned items, NO PVP

    Mod List can be found here:


    Server IP:

  • gonna check it out. i've been playing infitech2 solo for quite some time and i was looking for good EU server that did not started ages ago (i don't like to see everyone in quantum armor lol).

    IGN: Muphet
    Timezone: GMT+2 (poland)

    --edit: if anyone cannot login, it's currently using 3.1.21 version

    --edit: server seem dead for 24hr period now