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    gonna check it out. i've been playing infitech2 solo for quite some time and i was looking for good EU server that did not started ages ago (i don't like to see everyone in quantum armor lol).

    IGN: Muphet
    Timezone: GMT+2 (poland)

    --edit: if anyone cannot login, it's currently using 3.1.21 version

    --edit: server seem dead for 24hr period now

    Read the Q/A

    "Q: I cant fix all of the Problems in my Multiblock for starting it, HALP!A: Go start the Multiblock anyways. It will run as long as there is at least one solved Problem. And when you reach MV Tier you can use Duct Tape. Also the next people who ask that get banned for two reasons, 1. Didn't read Q/A and 2. You didn't check if it would run with that Problem being still there."

    i have read q/a, machine won't start at all that's why im asking in forum. please do not respond if you have nothing to say

    just installed new pack

    ---edit: OMG, i was trying to use development version..