Mod pondering: Plazmarizing (WIP name)

  • The reason I put this here instead of off topic or somewhere else is because if I do it, it would have IC2 support, but feel free to move it as seen fit.

    I've been thinking about this for a while, and if I do it, I'll probably need some help with it. A mod focused on utilizing Plasma for different things. I'm interested in ideas for it but right now I have

    Machine's to turn solids, liquids and gasses into Plasma, with type depending on what's used
    Power generation using the plasma
    Tools and weapons, such as a plasma sabre, laser cannons, a way to do something that totally isn't the Kamehameha (I'm not actually a DBZ fan so excuse the spelling)

    I'm open to suggestions on other things, but from that basic description, would this sound like an interesting idea? (And yes I am aware of Plasmacraft, I'd like to separate myself from that)