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    Hello. Not sure how often this is used now, but figured it was worth a shot.

    For a project I am working on (now with another person for real this time, they're helping with backstory). I'm looking for some modding experts as I have been out of the game for a while, and it's probably better to work with people who are up to date with the modding scene.

    For this project, I am currently looking for someone who is

    * familiar with a wide variety of mods for 1.12 to assist with designing challenges and rewards

    * someone who knows how to change recepies of blocks and items, in order to help balance some of the challenges.

    Please note, testing isn't happening for a while. I'm aiming for soon, but there are a lot of things about the structure that need to be done (things like Spawn, location of the island, ect). Not looking for testers, but whoever comes on to help with this will probably be a part of the alpha testing. All I'll say about this is that this is NOT a Quest Book map.

    Anyone interested?

    (Making this a proper thread rather then a post in the shout box)

    Hello to everyone. Sorry for not being on as much lately, let's just say things have been keeping me occupied.

    One thing I've been looking into recently is potentially reviving the "Shrine Runner" concept... again... The original idea for it was a Feed the Beast styled map, featuring new challenges based on more recent Minecraft versions, along with challenge variety other then "make the things to get the thing". However, with what has been keeping me occupied lately, I have gotten a bit out of touch with the modding scene, and as such I'm looking for mod ideas.

    What I have so far:

    1. A planned idea is for the map to have a world building system, akin to games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. Some of the challenges will be locked away behind this.

    2. Forestry breeding is looking to be a challenge, including bee and tree breeding

    3. Other dimensions will play a role in the map, not just a void world and a void nether world like the original maps

    4. Equivalent Exchange/ Project E will be a thing in the map. However, a lot of the EMC generation systems will be locked away behind high tier crafting. The Tablet will be avaliable early game though to work along side Ex Nihilo, as a way of helping avoid the RNG of drops.

    5. Will this be evil? Yes. But "Loot Boxes" (in the form of Chance Cubes) will be a potential reward

    In terms of the challenges, along side the world building, one thing under consideration is multiple tiers of challenges. One set in the main monument, and another set via a quest book with one effecting the other in progression.

    General thoughts on the pitch, do you think it could be interesting to play?

    ...Well... wasn't expecting to see something like this after the break in posts. Nice facelift

    You and you are making it worst by cursing everywhere.

    No, its still you. I admit that IC2 does get a bit grindy, its why when I play for fun, I balance it out with things that do pick up the pace for it, but that's because I'm playing for my own enjoyment, and I like being overpowered if I work for it. What you're doing is complaining about something you don't like just because the mod tries to stick to its roots and isn't making it quick and easy to set up. IC2 isn't Thermal expansion. IC2 has no plans to be like Thermal expansion, to my knowledge, and to the community that supports the mod, its fine. I've run both on many an occasion, using IC2 and (when I get the time) Greg Tech for my main base of operations, and using TE for things meant to be mobile, like a tunnel bore. It's possible for both to co exist, but if you don't like the challenge by grinding, then say why, in detail, like someone who's put more thought into it then "It's too hard ;(;(;(;( ". There are ways you can phrase it, but what you're doing is shitposting, and getting angry at someone who doesn't agree with you.

    If you want to go after me too, then please, be my guess, there is literally nothing you can do to get under my skin. If not, then either accept the mod for what it is, make an addon to see if what you think could be improved interests people, or remove the mod. Choice is yours.

    First of all, I'm back, I hope...

    Second, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about something. Thinking of ideas that could work well for a adventure map with mods, because one thing I've noticed is that there are more mod packs still meant for pure survival, almost nothing delving into the world of adventure.

    One idea I've had goes back to an old idea of mine, which was making a inescapeable prison, which is really redundant because all you need is some bedrock or obsidian with no pickaxe and you're done. Well, what about an adventure map where you have to escape a prison, but challenges using mod mechanics. What would be some ideas for puzzles and mod ideas for this potential idea? Assuming anyone would find that idea interesting to play.

    Anyone bored, and want to help with designing/ testing a modpack? a base build is ready for testing, but it is open to additions and subtractions, along with recipe balance. Interested?
    (Note, recommended 4GB ram dedicated to Java)

    Hah, I know that crash. What type of TileEntities do you have around at your place? I mean machines? I seriously want to know which Mod is causing that, because it is not GT, to my knowledge and it happened after I installed TE, so...

    I genuinely can't say, as that crash happens on world load after creating a brand new map. I have no idea what the hell's around me as the books haven't even finished forming in my hands. It's not just BoP gen, as I've had vanilla gen cause the same thing. I've only been able to get one test world going, which was an extreme hills biome next to a mushroom biome, first time I've ever seen one of those in my own worlds

    Unless there are other requests, I'm going to start designing the base pack for testing (maybe even 1.8.9 pack that won't have everything, but an idea of what's coming when the community gets to 1.9 overall). Any ideas for a name for this pack?

    I just tried the 1.0.2b and it's not that much added, but I suppose they didn't push it out just for the content so I'd reccomend the latest... That being said I just tried the extra content packs( Fictional Aircraft, Joke Planes, Ground Weapons and Decorations) and I must say that I have no idea why I haven't done it before, they add a LOT of fun stuff. It's not hard to install them but if you wish I can send you the already modified mod if you'd rather not spend time copy-pasting (and downloading from a page written in japanese (with a guide to what to do though that is in english so you don't actually need to know japanese)) since you'd be missing out quite a lot of stuff without them. Sure the mod is fun as hell without em, but if you can have them, why not?

    I admit that the mod does look very good, and I'm going to look into the content packs, if the content packs look good, I'll remove the Modern Warfare pack, but leave in Futurecraft, as it focuses on Sci-fi weapons, and has mechs the size of Metal Gears. Because who doesn't want that?

    Which version of Gregtech? Also I recommend Binnie Patcher if you want to use Forestry 4 and Binnie's Mods, otherwise you'll most likely have to go looking for older versions of certain mods.

    Most likely GregTech 6, and I do plan to have Binnie patcher in. That list came from a Google doc that just lists the mods that add content, not what's needed to make them work and play nicely with each other (addons excluded), with me classifying the patcher as one of those.

    If you want, you could replace Flan's with McHeli. Although many people said it's buggy and whatnot, I'd reccomend you don't listen and try it out yourself as the recent version has removed pretty much all of those bugs and added lots of new stuff, including tanks (and very well made i might add). Compared to Flan's, all 3: tanks, turrets and aircraft, have better weaponry (for example cannons have weapon modes, and tanks can fire different shells, some even mortar), they look way better (it's like comparing BF3 to BF1, really) and they seem to behave nicely (tanks will tilt according to the terrain for example), but are easier to craft, meaning that it's all done with vanilla items, you don't need to craft the engine for the tank, you just craft the tank itself. If you want pictures or a demo (since most videos of McHeli are outdated) I could probably make and provide such, altough it's better to experience it than to see it.
    Edit: You will however have to find something else for guns and such if you want them, since McHeli adds stuff related to the Armored Combat aspect (afterall when you can fly a A-10 Thunderbolt II, why settle for shooting with an AK? Unless you can have both, in which case have both ).

    I'll look into it, but I will admit I think Flans in terms of balance would work better, as crafting all the smaller components would help with balance. That and Mechs. If it does fit better balance wise though, I'll swap them

    As stated in the bored/ random chat thread, I'm working on a PvP M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction) Server pack. This is still very much a WIP, but I am working on trying to get a server going to test the pack (though I am still open to volunteers willing to help by hosting). Here I have a version 0.1 of the mod list, none of these have been put together yet, as this version is building off a pack request, so it is very likely to change very quickly, with some already planned to be scrapped for a general release.

    The mod list is as follows

    Very much open for suggestions. One already planned major change is using Averitia's crafting system for Project E, before anyone asks/ suggests its removal. Also redundancies will be removed depending on what people would prefer to play with.

    My coursework is rapidly approaching the length of a short novel.

    Can't be worse then 50 pages on why Transformers Age of Extinction is a shit movie

    Side note, I've been asked to make a Modpack for a father and his son, introducing them to mods. While balance is thrown out the window as I've had to limit the drastic changes while showing off a lot of different kinds of mods, I do think it might make for a good PvP environment, for those who like M.A.D PvP servers. I'd actually like to continue building on this kind of pack and would like to know if anyone would be interested in helping with testing. Preferably testing in a server environment... which I unfortunately can't host but to be fair, how many of you would want to play on an Australian run server that can't tap into the National Broadband network yet (why the fuck did they start with rural areas and not the cities that would probably be making the most of it?)?

    As stated, right now the pack is using the vanilla recipes for all the mods, thanks in part to the original client. But in testing, that may get changed to help with balance. Sound interesting?

    EDIT: Put a list of mod ideas into the servers subgroup, for those curious.

    The reason I put this here instead of off topic or somewhere else is because if I do it, it would have IC2 support, but feel free to move it as seen fit.

    I've been thinking about this for a while, and if I do it, I'll probably need some help with it. A mod focused on utilizing Plasma for different things. I'm interested in ideas for it but right now I have

    Machine's to turn solids, liquids and gasses into Plasma, with type depending on what's used
    Power generation using the plasma
    Tools and weapons, such as a plasma sabre, laser cannons, a way to do something that totally isn't the Kamehameha (I'm not actually a DBZ fan so excuse the spelling)

    I'm open to suggestions on other things, but from that basic description, would this sound like an interesting idea? (And yes I am aware of Plasmacraft, I'd like to separate myself from that)

    As far as I can tell from skimming the CurseForge comments and the bug tracker for Binnie's Mods, no, there isn't really a way to make it work with 4.x (and Binnie has been MIA or possibly worse for several months). As far as major differences between 3 and 4, I don't really know. You might have better luck asking in the Forestry thread. If the wiki was up, it might cover that, but I just checked, and the Forestry wiki is still down.

    That's a shame, I do hope that someone tries taking on, probably nor porting it, but a continuation of the idea (Yes I am that insane person who likes Forestry breeding). If someone could point me in a good direction for Forge mod making tutorials, I could try and make one, it won't be as pretty as I'm not a coder, but it's worth a shot... maybe...

    You probably need to revert to Forestry 3.6 if you want to still use Binnie's - version 2.0 pre 14 is from July 2015, so I wouldn't expect it to work with Forestry 4.x.

    Didn't think so, is there a way of getting it to work with 4.x? Also what's the major differences between 3 and 4?