[IC2 Exp][1.10.2][WIP] FrogCraft: Rebirth 0.11.0 - Unofficial continuation of FrogCraft

  • FrogCraft: Rebirth

    Taking the chemical industry into IC2 world!

    Hi there. Hope you guys still remember there used to be a mod called FrogCraft, which introduces a lot of things to IC2.

    However, I finally contacted the original author and he said he has no time to continue developed.
    After that I decided to carry the torch.

    Now, here, I present the mod, FrogCraft: Rebirth!

    Current Content:

    For compare and contrast to old pre-1.6.2 FrogCraft, click here to learn more .

    TODO list

    Check the repository out if you're interest in, or you want to report bugs, or you want to help improve it:

    All codes of FrogCraft: Rebirth is licensed under MIT License. Full license context
    Assets are currently All Rights reserved, except language files are CC-BY 4.0.

    Download is now available on GitHub release page. If you couldn't find it (by whatever reason(s)), use the link somewhere below as mirror.