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    Chinese people have a problem with english grammar and similar things. A while ago I had some chinese person who claimed to be working for a microsoft subsidiary contact me, but that person didn't answer to my reply meaning it was a fake. Not to mention that the PM seemed wonky from the get go.

    Machine translator?
    Either way, from what I know, there are just few chinese-speaker that keeping active on ic2 forum. Perhaps it's time for me to re-stick on ic2 forum now...


    Sadly you are not the only Chinese-speaker here

    Thanks for your work updating all of the translation, it's included in IC2 as of 2.6.57.

    No. There is evidence that at least one of those translators is using machine translator.
    Here is a copy of latest language file that I made for BTM16.2 months ago. I spent one hour to update it to latest and double checked just now.
    Sorry if my language makes anyone feel bad, but I could not tolerate machine translation.

    FrogCraft: Rebirth

    Taking the chemical industry into IC2 world!

    Hi there. Hope you guys still remember there used to be a mod called FrogCraft, which introduces a lot of things to IC2.

    However, I finally contacted the original author and he said he has no time to continue developed.
    After that I decided to carry the torch.

    Now, here, I present the mod, FrogCraft: Rebirth!

    Current Content:

    For compare and contrast to old pre-1.6.2 FrogCraft, click here to learn more .

    TODO list

    Check the repository out if you're interest in, or you want to report bugs, or you want to help improve it:

    All codes of FrogCraft: Rebirth is licensed under MIT License. Full license context
    Assets are currently All Rights reserved, except language files are CC-BY 4.0.

    Download is now available on GitHub release page. If you couldn't find it (by whatever reason(s)), use the link somewhere below as mirror.

    Just want to know if the cables and mecanismes will be preserved like the bc transition to rf
    If not, this will be the saddest day in the history of minecraft modding.
    The e-net itself is the reason that I stick with IC2 and reject the use of thermal expansion, of courese currently I've been using uncomplication to maintain it's playability

    Edit: Is there any possibility for ic2 to be open-source?

    The e-net is also the reason I insist to make FrogCraft: Rebirth an IC2 addon. The decision of IC2 adapting RF in 1.8.9 makes it impossible to port my FrogCraft: Rebirth to 1.8.9 (more likely).

    (Are there still folks who remember FrogCraft? I started to work on a 1.7.10 port since last year.)