[MC 1.8.9/1.9.4/1.10.0] IC² v2.3.x/v2.5.x/v2.6.x SSP/SMP

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    Alblanamakadamanomnomnom and the rest of the IC² Team proudly presents:

    IC² Experimental for Minecraft 1.8.9, 1.9.4, 1.10 and 1.11

    IC2 builds for MC 1.8.9 are now available.
    It is available at the usual place.
    It still contains bugs, but it should be mostly working.
    Create backups of your world, when you're using it. (And I don't say that, because I made a mod, that will help you with exactly said thing)

    IC2 builds for MC 1.9.4 are also available (at the usual place).
    The 1.9 Builds are in version 2.5, because we thought 2.4 is such a weird number, that we agreed to skip it. (Just kidding. I have no clue, why we skipped the version number 2.4 (It was because 1.9.0 was 2.4 ;) ~Choco), but that doesn't matter. We did.)

    IC2 builds for MC 1.10.2 are available too (at the usual place).
    Mostly just porting of 1.9 builds back and forth, but 1.10 is just different enough to have it's own branch (isn't it special lucky?)

    IC2 builds for MC 1.11.2 are available as well (at the usual place).
    Contains big improvements to the Batch Crafter and Industrial Workbench, among other things.

    It also still contains bugs (or features, depending on how you look at it), more bugs (or features) and of course new features bugs.
    Machine explosions and energy loss is also enabled again, so when you place down a machine, please make sure that all connected machines can handle the voltage, or the respective machine will go kaboom.

    Things may be unstable (although they're not really anymore). You have been warned.

    Remember, that all of the HAYO machines will reward you for making them (assuming, they don't explode right in your face). For example, an Ore Washing Plant will reward you with requiring more infrastructure (like it needs a whole new pumping setup (unless you already have one)) or a Thermal Centrifuge can (combined with other machines) nearly quadruple your ore output. The windmills will also reward you by not making any sound. (In the dev irc: "WE NEED WINDMILL SOUNDS!!!!!")
    And some machines will reward you with a headache, even if you don't put your head into a compressor...
    Note: Do NOT try this at home.

    But you're free to do, whatever you like. After all, it's MINEcraft.

    How to install, how to report errors, how to NOT bug the IC² developers:

    What do I need to install IndustrialCraft / Prerequisite ?

    Recomended version of forge!
    Not all versions may work with Industrial Craft, please use the recommended version, and if that doesn't work, try the latest. The Forge Installer is recommended too.

    How to install the Mod itself:

    The latest build is best to use, make sure you get the right one for the version of Minecraft you're using:

    Jenkins: 1.8.9 - 1.9.4 - 1.10.2 - 1.11.2

    Curse: 1.7.10 to 1.11

    Addons might not necessarily work with the very latest version, but it should say if they don't.

    You can (and actually, must) install IC² by dropping the downloaded JAR-file into your mods-folder. If there is none, install Forge and just start-up minecraft once for it to be automatically created. It is located inside your Minecraft profile's folder directory.
    JEI and the IC² wiki are strongly recommended for viewing recipes. Note certain parts of the wiki may be out of date, but you are free to edit and correct them.

    Bugs and issues

    If you get any sort of crashes or errors, consider first reading the FAQ, before bugging the Support section or writing a Bug report:

    If you want to report Bugs; we got a Bug-Tracker for that purpose, but only report bugs there. Suggestions belong in the forum section, any other help belongs in the Support section of the IC² Forums.

    IC2 API:
    IC² now provides are more or less well documented API.
    If you're a modder yourself and want to create a mod implementing IC²s features, download the API file from the IC² experimental page, and add it's contents to your source-setup (Forge needed) and add the IC2 jar to your run/mods folder. By using the provided classes and interfaces you can in this manner create a mod using IC² features without requiring the whole IC² sourcecode. For more information, please see this thread .

    Firstly, we would like to thank the whole MCP team. Without their work, modifying Minecraft would be MUCH more complicated and time-consuming.
    Additionally, thanks go to Risugami, Flan and the MCForge team, a big mod like IC² just can't live without all these base-modifications.
    As well, I would on this spot thank the developer team personally:

    • Player - Coder and Team coordinator
    • Aroma1997 - Coder
    • Chocohead - Coder
    • estebes - Coder
    • SpwnX - IC² Forum Moderator
    • Others I may of missed!
    • The Old team members, who currently are not around:

    And our third party contributors:

    • silentdeth - For his BC3-Triggers code
    • All of the fans, for an endless list of ideas.

    //TODO: Think of a cool ending.
    //DO NOT publish like that.