bug? redstoned batboxes and MFE

  • hello,

    i wanted to test a switched electric circuit for my factory, and i've make a redstoned batbox for 32EU/t factory and a redstoned MFE for 128EU/t mass fabricator

    when the batbox is redstoned, the output current is stopped UNTIL the batbox is fully loaded, then the output current is reemitted even with the redstone signal (and the same thing appends with MFE)

    simply tested with the schema (with TMI for testing purpose) :
    [128*solar panel] => [mfe] => [mass fabricator]
    [32*solar panel] => [batbox] => [mass fabricator] (for using continuous current)

    is it a bug ? or how can I make my switched factory ? (it's planned to have a "switch cable" as in IC1 ? because make a MFE especially for make a simple switch is pretty expensive, maybe implement a "copper switch cable" with redstone sensibility who cut the current when redstoned and "glass switch fiber" for HV, no ? )

    I use minecraft 1.7.3 and IC2 1.00

    thanks ! and sorry for my bad english

    edit : on the wiki, there is a litlle error : http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/index.php/MV_Transformer
    it's not


    In order to convert from LV to MV



    In order to convert from MV to HV

  • It is not a bug it is a feature. Redstoned storages always emit when they are full to prevent energy loss. You can use a Transformer as a switch by wiring the input to the 3 dotted side and the output to one of the 1-dotted sides. If it is redstoned it is turned off. Be careful to only wire consumers to the output, else you might blow stuff up, because you transform current it up. Far easier, cheaper and safer switches can be found in this addon: