Anouncments: DragTech IV - now finally public

  • I am proud to annouce the next version is geting to the horizon. You can checkout the 0.8.6 updates now. even the non-curse package is done.

    You find the fresh files here.

    Enjoy it.

    And as always, if you find issues, don't hessitate to contact me, or file a bugreport.

  • Nice, I will check it out when I can. It's a shame the only server with the pack (as far as I am aware) is whitelisted though.

  • That because it is in Seting up alpha right now, Bear made that clear in the tour de Server video. May be i should add ths vid as well.

    Ah okay, I didn't get that from the video (I was busy programming on the side while watching/listening ), I just heard he got a chance to try it and that it was closed /whitelisted otherwise.
    When it becomes more open, I'd be interested in joining the fun, if possible. :p