Ralservers starting up

  • i am still trying to use ssh but am a slow reader on it.. i see that buckket is now good for the mods i am running and am waiting for the update for the anty grif mod.

  • Forgot to mention, Mine OS or the CRUX versions both come bukkit-ready. The OS's will automatically download the latest JAR from the devs.

    Yeah, but I have seen a server mod manager called Spout, I think, that *may* actually out do Bukkit. At least that's what I remember about it... could be wrong though.

    Like I said, moment I find the backup I made, I'll log in and test how things work, if you're going to be starting a whitelist, my in game name is the same as the one for these forums.

  • verizon is sending me another routor i keep burning them up :cursing: 2 have gone down in 30 days i think i should ask for some % off the bill for down time.

    the server is runing but the ports are closed even thought its set to open. the new hardwere gets here on the 5th. If Verizon sends another cheep pos i will be switching host and riping there fiso out of my walls

    well to then all i can do is sit and wait sorry

  • i have tryed to get on your server but it crashed. have i installed the correct mods? i have installed buildcraft for 1.8.1 full and industrial craft 1.8.1 the latest also i installed the mods that it sed to have like the crash fix and the exp orb thing. if you can give me a link to download a .minecraft folder with the correct mods that would be gratefull :|

  • yes we are working on it. some people have been trying to get on but we were still working on the bukkit server part and reloading mods. we were still testing i hope to have it all up and runing soon