Server: DUBnet (IC,BC,ww2 guns)

  • DUBnet

    12 slot, pvp enabled, IC/BC/WW2 guns
    whitelist enabled
    simple server wrapper (protected areas, unique chat functions, group permissions, lockable chests, custom authentication)
    custom stuff

    DUBnet is a PVP server. Players are free to form groups, establish capitals, and slaughter eachother mercilessly for land and resources. Rules are few but rigidly enforced. There will be special events which the admins will set up.

    -Huge deposits of minerals will be discovered and revealed to both sides
    -Secret bases or abondoned vaults will be revealed
    -New cities or locales will become available and designed to be fought over
    -Labor camp liberations, coastal invasions, city sieges and more

    Mods that you need:

    1.industrial craft 8.55_02 with the ishfix

    2.buildcraft (core,factory,transport, builders)


    3.ww2 guns v3 client

    4.custom stuff v 1.7.1 client

    5.modified custom stuff

    Mods other than this = ban.

    Server Info
    3.3 ghz AMD hexacore processor
    8 gb RAM
    160 GB SSD

    The only reason the server doesn't have more slots is because my internet connection, while substantial, is still sub-par for a server. While I can safely host 10-12 people more would be pushing it and would effect gameplay. If the server turns out to be popular I will invest in a better internet connection or professional hosting.

    We plan on updating to 1.x as soon as its possible. Ideally we will have IC2, BC, Redpower, WW2 or SDK guns, planes, vehicles, and improved pathfinding AI. Cubic chunks, builders/npc mod, airships and Turrets or something would be nice too. I'm open to suggestions. I used custom stuff to introduce many new recipes and a couple new items and blocks. This is why you must download the modified custom stuff files. You can see what I added in that file.


    1.Listen to and respect the moderators. There are no age limits but if you can't behave maturely you will be banned.

    2.I use simple server wrapper so alot of the rules that apply to most servers need not be mentioned here as they are enforced automatically. Some things I cant control are listed below:

    -Do not grief, steal from or attack your team-mates.
    -Do not grief the landscape (one block towers, lava source blocks, etc).
    -Don't travel too far from the spawn point. If I find out in MCedit that people are traveling ridiculously far from the spawn I will tell them to move or move them back manually. I will relocate or delete what they have built and then delete the chunks. I will implement bordergaurd if I have to.

    Punisments range from being banned to being designated as a terrorist. This of course means you will be hunted like an animal and given no safe haven.

    3.As far as PVP and destroying/stealing what belongs to the other persons team only one rule applies: the strong survive. If you don't want to be targeted stay in a capital. If you dont want things stolen use the /lock command on your chests. If your side is completely crushed you can raise the white flag and sign a peace treaty. Conditions and terms of treaties are to be determined by players and enforced by admins (sanctions, bitches).

    4.In leiu of a ban or terrorist designation you can opt for a stint in the labor camp. If its just one mistake this is probably a better option then leaving altogether or constantly being hunted for sport.

    How to enlist:
    Drop me your name and an e-mail (only if you want us to announce events to you and you can do this in a PM). A short description of what you want from the server and what you can contribute.

    Server IP: