Suggestion: Advanced Mobile Charger

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    Advanced Mobile Charger

    Description: (The template thread has a type btw, Descri[b]btion)
    [/b]We can charge Battery using devices/tools in a mobile charger, but not crystal devices/tools This Means that to recharge your nano-suit or mining laser, you need to return to your base, and wait for them to recharge.
    This suggestion would add an alternate method, an Advanced Mobile Charger, which is Able to charge more advanced tools and equipment when away from your base. You simply place a crystal in the 'fuel' slot, the crystal powered item in the processing slot, and you get the recharged item out the result slot.

    W - Cable, C - Circuit, A - Advanced Circuit

  • i dont think alblaka will implement this because he extra buffed the mining laser to have 64 shots
    but because of that you have to use a crystal charger (othwise it was imba...)
    same for the nanosuit (its already over powerd)

    one thing alblaka could implent is the use of a energy christal to charge 4 tools (but he stated already that this is difycult too implent

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