How to use ic2 steam

  • I have been trying to get a steam generator set at 221 bar to connect to a kinetic steam generator, which connects to another kinetic steam generator, which connects to a condenser, which returns the distilled water to the steam generator in order to use my fluid reactor to it's fullest potential, however no matter what I do I just get constant steam explosions, I tried using fluid ejector upgrades on the generators and 2 fluid distributors to control the flow of steam/water, nothing seems to work. Could someone send me a picture of how these things are supposed to fit together without any pipes from other mods? I would prefer the distribuitors be kept to a minimum as well as they are absurdly overpriced for what is essentially a manifold with check valves strapped to it.

  • I saw this thread before but disregarded it until now because I was trying to understand the same things. I'll be posting another thread soon in nuclear engineering about successfully setting up a superheated steam fluid reactor.

    I essentially had to pull all of this together via multiple forum threads and IC2 wiki pages:

    For one, the 221 bar you were using is incorrect if you're trying to use the 'easy mode' settings from the other thread. It's actually 220 bar, because the relationship between hUs being provided to the boiler, the input setting, and the output pressure are all mathematically related by the formula given elsewhere (including the wiki). I haven't studied it yet, so I won't cover it here.

    The fluid distributors are NOT intended to be IC2's own idea of pipes and in fact are supposed to be exactly what their name describes. I have my own objection to their apparent philosophy on pipes in IC2 but that's not appropriate to discuss here.

    Anyway, the fluid distributors will not pull fluids but will push them. This behaviour appears to apply to either of the two modes they have, meaning something has to be behind the FD pushing the fluid (fluid ejector upgrade). Obviously, the steam boiler doesn't have any upgrade slots (or cell slots either??) so its pushing capability seems to be restricted to a directly adjacent turbine or pipes from another mod. I tested with a single FD between the boiler and the first (or only) turbine but it only kind of works while letting water build up in the turbine until it's blocked, even with ejector upgrades. I'm fairly certain this is by design and not a bug under the impression that the FD would cause some of the steam to condense before it reaches the turbine. (I do wish we could put something like the condenser underneath the turbine in order to let the water drip out.)

    In short, as long as you have something capable of pushing the fluid through the FDs with ejector upgrades, you can KIND OF use them as pipes.