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    With that ejecting drill bug fixed, it is so much easier to design a cobble generator with miners.

    I just designed one that is random tick proof:There are 2 miners that are next to a recycler. A batbox is enough to power 2 of these combinations. The glass in the picture is optional - I just put it there to prevent fire generated by lava. I put a debug item into the bottom slot of the batbox to make it an infinite EU source.

    Since this is most likely be used for scrap production, I only used normal drills and OD scanners to reduce EU cost per scrap. 1 lava source will be enough for 4 miners, but I put 2 there so that there is at least 1 cobble between the miner and the ore. I'm not certain if this is necessary.

    Kris, how are you keeping the miners from harvesting the block between them underneath the recycler? (assuming you're not editing IC2.ini.)

    Also Aroma: You were the person who said: If a bug gets reported by speiger & nobody else reports it to its unlickly to get fixed...

    I saw the comment you're referencing and the way I interpreted it is that you're a Dev and if you report it, then it's likely you would work on the problem on yourself. Also, one report of a problem does necessarily mean it's a confirmed problem and not something else like a corrupted install or world file.

    I feel like you're still missing the point or you do get it and flat-out do not care about the effect this has on players who have zero involvement in your politics with the other developers.

    Is it possible the other guys are being dicks to you? Sure. Is it possible you are doing the same to them? Of course. None of that has any bearing on someone who loves the mod and finds it infuriating to have to redo his wiring every time he logs on or comes back from the Nether.

    In the unique world of free, open source gaming, the only currency you have is interest. Lose the players' interest and you lose developer interest as well. In fact, I've been pondering getting back into development myself for the sake of IC2, but nonsense like this makes it unattractive when I'm considering whether I could be of assistance in this specific problem.

    I'd like to point out that the only thing you're doing with this is holding up progress for other players. I understand if you feel ignored but if you have a legitimate answer to the problem, it just seems petty to hold it back out of sentiment (bad or otherwise.)

    Having that would be great. Any others, even if they are smaller could still be useful for their icons or a few great textures that I can upscale. If you don't want to upload those files somewhere I can give you my email per PN and you can send them there.

    Sure, send me a private message and I can email the files to you directly.

    I'm only trying to put together something that won't look out of place with my custom texture pack compilation so I can play without having 16x16 textures in my 128x128+ minecraft world. I don't intend to publish it anywhere or recreate anything. My normal resource pack is a compilation of many realistic resource packs and a few others that I use with a few friends and since we wanted to play something akin to tekkit (normal tekkit won't do since we had a few problems with mods in tekkit, 1.7.10 and OptiFine which we like to use) I'm trying to get something that works but there just isn't much to work with since all is either to small or Sphax.

    In that case, the only thing I have appropriate to that size is the old 1.8.x LB photorealism 128x ic2 pack.

    Since you found it again, would you mind if I used a few textures from it? I am aiming to put together something in 256x256 and more realistic but I could use the item sprites and maybe a few missing textures since anything i better than having nothing.


    I don't object, per se, but as it was not my work (actually an update to work with 1.7.10, which was latest at the time, which was a derivative done by Amilman of the original work by Doku) I don't feel permission is mine to give. The licenses and such across the line appear to be permissive (read: Creative Commons with credit given), so I can provide the saved files I have for you if you want.

    Are you trying to redo the Dokucraft textures or something else?

    I had a copy of the anilman dokucraft for IC2 that I had updated some years back and unthinkingly deleted it off my backup drive. Was going to do the same thing as you and get it updated for current but now I find it can't be downloaded anywhere. Sigh.

    EDIT: Oops, I take that back. I had copies in other directories. For once, I'm thankful of my previously shoddy file management habits.

    The word newbie in the title is a little misleading since I've been playing IC2 for a number of years now. But what it does refer to is the fact that until this time coming back to IC2, I hadn't actually given the nuclear reactors any serious thought (I stuck strictly to solar farms before and didn't get far beyond them.)

    The point behind this post was to show what I've learned about fluid reactors since the documentation on them is much more spread out than the ones on standard EU reactors. Before beginning, this was done strictly with vanilla IC2 and no other mods aside from Optifine (I eagerly await fastcraft being available for 1.10.2.)

    I had to figure out how steam turbine setups work. Here's simple single turbine setup with the boiler at 1 mb/t input and 0 bar output. Boiler has 9000 mB of distilled water. The steam turbine next to it has the turbine as normal, with a fluid ejector upgrade (calling it FEU from here). Above it is the condenser with an FEU and a cable feed from the kinetic generator on the end. Newbies will note that if you face the boiler, the turbine will set with the proper end facing you (the one that goes to the generator) but the generator will set with the other way around, necessitating a shift+wrench on that side to face it the proper way (without the dot in the middle). Next to the condenser but above the boiler is the fluid distributor. (calling it FD from here.) The FD will only accept fluids actively pushed to it (hence the FEU on the condenser) but will automatically eject fluids on its own, hence giving this a cycle between the boiler, turbine, and condenser. Please note you need to orient the FD's blue input port the same way you do with the generator. There is a minor loss, though, so even with the radioisotope heat generators on the left, this isn't a contained circuit with free energy. You eventually have to refill the boiler tank. (We need a cell slot for this instead of only right-clicking with a cell in hand.) The whole setup does 50 EU per tick. It's only useful as a demonstration model as the thermoelectric generators are a far more efficient, useful, and compact setup for EU generation.

    Next, the fluid reactor itself. There's plenty of pictures and videos online but the simple explanation is to make a hollow 5x5x5 box (with 6 reactor chambers and one reactor, in the center) with reactor pressure tank blocks, while leaving at least 4 spaces empty for one access hatch, one redstone port, and 2 fluid injector ports. The fluid ports are recommended to have fluid ejector/pulling upgrades, and they do in this demonstration setup. The following are pictures of this, with the boiler settings and the example reactor configuration for putting out 200 hU/t (I'm sure it's not the most efficient setup but it's only purpose was to achieve the precise output to make the boiler setting make sense easily.)

    The first image lets you see the example hatch and redstone port with its lever on front. The MFSU unit is the foremost machine and it's connected to the generators. Directly under the left generator is a fluid heat exchanger (which requires 10 heat exchangers inside). The fluid exchanger is setting on top of one of my fluid injector ports using a FPU (pulling) for cold input and the FD next to it on the left is on top of its companion fluid injector with a FEU for hot output. This is mirrored with another two fluid ports on the other side of the boiler in the center between the two fluid exchangers. This is easier to see in the last two images. You can see the condenser underneath the second turbine with the same kind of EU feed the example steam setup had.

    The second image is the rear display of the first, showing you that mirrored fluid exchanger setup I discussed on the first image. You can see the steam turbines from behind. the regular steam turbine is on the left, getting its feed directly from the superheated turbine on the right, which is sitting directly on top of the boiler in the center. Each turbine needs its own FEU, of course.

    The third and fourth images are the side views, with the fourth being the easier one to see the placement of the boiler between the two fluid exchangers, like a sandwhich. The reason they sit unevenly to one side of the boiler was to give room for the turbines and the condenser to sit on the side of the boiler so it could make a circuit between it and the two turbines. Basically, Boiler -> up to superheated steam turbine -> over to regular steam turbine -> down to condenser -> back over to boiler to return the distilled water. The aerial view in the last external shot makes it a little easier to understand the lopsided setup I'm describing.

    If there's a lot of interest, I could be persuaded to post a short video showing the build process. I've shied strictly away from adding any other mods as I would prefer if there were IC2 fluid pipes natively or a pipes-only IC2 addon. Obviously, this hampers me but I've considered the workarounds an interesting challenge. I'm not sure I'll be able to come up with an effective and efficient physical configuration without caving in to installing another mod.

    I hope this helps any newbies seeking a simple example of a working fluid reactor with superheated steam. It's worth noting, to me, that this was my first stable iteration that didn't blow up (except when re-opening the world because of some of the current bugs, of course.)

    I saw this thread before but disregarded it until now because I was trying to understand the same things. I'll be posting another thread soon in nuclear engineering about successfully setting up a superheated steam fluid reactor.

    I essentially had to pull all of this together via multiple forum threads and IC2 wiki pages:

    For one, the 221 bar you were using is incorrect if you're trying to use the 'easy mode' settings from the other thread. It's actually 220 bar, because the relationship between hUs being provided to the boiler, the input setting, and the output pressure are all mathematically related by the formula given elsewhere (including the wiki). I haven't studied it yet, so I won't cover it here.

    The fluid distributors are NOT intended to be IC2's own idea of pipes and in fact are supposed to be exactly what their name describes. I have my own objection to their apparent philosophy on pipes in IC2 but that's not appropriate to discuss here.

    Anyway, the fluid distributors will not pull fluids but will push them. This behaviour appears to apply to either of the two modes they have, meaning something has to be behind the FD pushing the fluid (fluid ejector upgrade). Obviously, the steam boiler doesn't have any upgrade slots (or cell slots either??) so its pushing capability seems to be restricted to a directly adjacent turbine or pipes from another mod. I tested with a single FD between the boiler and the first (or only) turbine but it only kind of works while letting water build up in the turbine until it's blocked, even with ejector upgrades. I'm fairly certain this is by design and not a bug under the impression that the FD would cause some of the steam to condense before it reaches the turbine. (I do wish we could put something like the condenser underneath the turbine in order to let the water drip out.)

    In short, as long as you have something capable of pushing the fluid through the FDs with ejector upgrades, you can KIND OF use them as pipes.

    Or do you want to burn through as many fuel rods as possible in order to rapidly obtain useful amounts of plutonium?

    I'm actually interested in this myself. I posted a setup earlier in this thread for a 43 rod setup, which under use of MOX, should be the fastest output of the most plutonium (assuming constant supply of uranium.) Have you found differently?

    I actually ran into a problem with the sorter tier myself. The tooltip shows Tier 2, so to connect it to an MFE (listed as Tier 3), I put in one upgrade. BOOM.

    Very confusing so I put two upgrades, works fine. Maybe tooltip is wrong? Connected it to CESU and it works just fine. (Not the best test now that I think of it, since they all work with storage below their own tier.)

    Anyone else not able to craft the dual uranium cell?

    EDIT: figured it out. had to use JEI, would have preferred to use the wiki for this though. Where's the best place to find updates to the recipes?