Solar towers

  • Just like the improved water and wind turbine, there should be an improved solar-based energy source, for example a solar tower.

    The tower would be a multiblock consisting of tower pieces in the middle and mirrors placed around it. It would heat up gradually during the day. The speed of this process would be determined by the nuber of mirrors placed around the tower. Water could be circulated inside which would turn into steam much like in a steam boiler. This steam can then be extracted and used in the steam turbines to generate electricity.

    The mirrors could be used around the solar distiller as well to speed up the distillation.

  • You've just described Factorization's solar power generation exactly. All that really does is make solar power even more unwieldy because of how much space it takes, which is one of the things the improved wind and water generators directly try to solve (though I do agree that it should take a lot of space), while at the same time allowing the player to get a bit too much power (in my opinion anyway) from literally nothing.

    Instead, I think a better approach would be an array solar system similar to immibis' advanced machines method. Non-tile entity blocks (either as mirrors or an actual solar array) connected to a central generator which outputs HEAT, not steam (it's there for a reason).

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  • Yes, I know it is similar to Factorization's Solar power system. But hey, in reality these solar towers do exist that's why I thought it would fit nicely in the mod since they're going for realistic things now.

    Yes it would take up a very big space but if you want to get a decent amount of energy from the array solar panels it requires a very big space as well so same thing. But I like the idea. 'Solar Heat Absorber' blocks which would be built up in an array.

    As for heat. I was also thinking on heat generation but think it over. Since there are no heat conducting cables you have to generate and use the heat directly next to the machine that requires it. Now, a solar plant like this would be outside your base since it needs a large space because of the array blocks and it needs to see the sun. It would be a bit uncomfortable to put the machines around the plant to use the heat I think. Now this could be solved using steam in my opinion. The array do generate heat units but by putting water inside the system the heat would be used up to turn the water into steam. Steam acts as a fluid so you could transport it and use it in steam turbines. Or coolant could also solve this thing just like in the pressure vessel reactor.

    I think a system like this would not be a too easy solution for energy gaining. You need the array blocks, the turbines, a pump to inject water into the system and you also need to solve the transporting of steam. But It could be more complex and harder by calcification and by the need of distilled water.

  • I agree, that would be a great idea, the solar tower, as described in the first place, it's real, it's in use in many places, and it's awesome, 3 damn good reasons to have it. Also, it wouldn't be power from nothing as Blockmaster139 said, the operating cost consists of Refined Iron for the steam turbines in the Kinetic Steam Generator and the distilled water needed for the steam, not to mention that such a structure (possibly a multi-block structure, plus the mirrors) would have a pretty high cost in crafting materials, similar to how the wind and water generators need new rotors (made out of whatever you wanna make them, but most people use Refined iron, or simple iron from what I've heard).