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    I'd like to point out that if you connect power sources in Series you get more Voltage and the same Itensity of 1 single source, you must connect them in Paralel to stay at the same Voltage, but increase the Intensity (multiply by their number). Also, being that these are not actual generators, but capacitors (storage units, call them whatever) they wouldn't work at all (or very little energy would be transmited) in series, at least for the classic model of a capacitor, 2 metal sheets with a layer of insulation in between and all that, dunno what kind of storage unit would the Energy (or Lapotron) Crystal be. Ow, and MauveCloud, suggesting GT items as a solution to someone's suggestion or problem in IC2 is not really a solution, if they'd be using GT, they'd already know of it (most likely, some may have never heard of it, however unlikely that is) and taking that whole addon (understatement, it's a mod of it's own at this point) for only 1 item, well, good luck with that XD

    How about adding a crossbow or catapult then, so people don't nuke themselves. Or the FatMan weapon from Fallout 4, that thing literally throws a Mini Nuke, like a slingshot, but bigger and better!

    i mean the camera turn left and right moving the wiev but after some time the cams increasa the speed of it and if u replce them they go normal speed,and with lookingglass tool u can place monitor on a frame and see it from a block

    Looking glass would do just what Speiger said, lag up the server, so it's not reccomended. On a side note, I once tried looking glass with it, and it bugged out, it replaced my view with that of the camera in that world, permanently until I managed to destroy the screen so I'd go back to normal, that thing is buggy as heck.

    yea security craft did that,but the problem is that they made cams wiich move watching left and right and after 5 minutes they move very fast and u cant see nothing because they are too fast,peoples including me asked them to make them stopped on a visual but they doesnt final after 5 mins u placed the cam if u dont destroy and replace the cam u are not going to see anything i even asked a way on how to slow them (is not possibile by the confing file) but they doesnt their cameras and monitors are preetty useless

    I'm not sure what you mean, last time I tried SecuirtyCraft I used the Monitor item with the cams and they wouldn't move at all unless moved by me, here's what I mean: When I'm not on the camera, it will slowly move left-right as if it's watching the room. When I use the camera, the view is stationary unless I move it from the buttons, and it's still a slow movement, perhaps you have a buggy or corrupt version?

    There is a fairly simpler solution Speiger, instead of having a live image, the monitor could be a block with a blank image and when activated a GUI pops up and there is a list of the connected cameras, you select one and you see it, replacing your vision somehow. Pretty much like in SecurityCraft, except that they have an item to do that, not a block. If you download it and try it yourself you'll see, it's easier if you see for yourself than for me to explain.

    Perhaps if a bigger update would come adding in more security-oriented tech, this would fit in. The tesla coil is already sort off a security feature or trap, so perhaps a camera may fit in, alongside perhaps a variant of the reinforced door that opens via entering a passcode in the GUI or palm scanner (opens when a certain player right-clicks it) and so on. On one hand, SecurityCraft already does this kinda thing. It has a decent system for the cams and ways to do the above, on the other hand, it's yet another mod to add and the fewer, the better, 1 big mod is less performance-heavy than many small ones, right?

    I agree, that would be a great idea, the solar tower, as described in the first place, it's real, it's in use in many places, and it's awesome, 3 damn good reasons to have it. Also, it wouldn't be power from nothing as Blockmaster139 said, the operating cost consists of Refined Iron for the steam turbines in the Kinetic Steam Generator and the distilled water needed for the steam, not to mention that such a structure (possibly a multi-block structure, plus the mirrors) would have a pretty high cost in crafting materials, similar to how the wind and water generators need new rotors (made out of whatever you wanna make them, but most people use Refined iron, or simple iron from what I've heard).

    You can just ignore the recipe changes, it's not actually a change, it's an alternative so you can use either recipe whenever you want too, without a restart or something of the sort, no need to turn off the ones it adds, though you can if you really want too.
    Also do note that luminators start flickering and therefore don't work with uncomplication installed. They don't use any energy when that happens, at all, so you get a free strobe light, at the cost of normal lights.

    I have a stable 816Hu/t 5x5 that produces about 600Eu/t.

    First of all this thread is quite old, so if you just wanted to show your design there were other means probably. That being said, here have this 1200Hu/t that produces 900Eu/t when pumped into 6 superheated steam setups:

    And as Reactor Planner link: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…h06fjkhhg7ah50dzgfva0qsqo
    Do note you may need 2 ports for the hot coolant output (I made each supply 3 of the 6 superheated steam setups, can provide pics upon request to anyone interested).
    Edit: You may also want a crap-ton of MFSUs to store the energy from it since interrupting the cycle will cost you some distilled water and waste some Hu in the process, not to mention this is quite a fragile setup that needs proper maintenance before starting, to make sure everything is how it should be. I advise you to have Nuclear Control and make a small redstone mechanism so it doesn't blow up if something does go wrong (even though with the above mentioned proper maintenance this should never happen).

    Yeah, they can be loads of fun on a PVP server like you intend to make. The content packs are not size-able, they seem to value quality over quantity. For example the main reason to use the Fictional Aircraft is for the 2 Star Wars themed planes, for the joke planes I guess it'd be the JetGoat and such (and possibly the MineFighter even though I'm not sure whether it's in Fictional or Joke, but it's fun nonetheless), for the Ground weapons, the Flak Gun, the grenade launcher (named missile launcher but meh), the TOW missile and plenty of machineguns and for decoration, well it's not that much but it adds stuff like sandbags and others. That being said, hope I helped and if you need anything else I'll be around.

    I just tried the 1.0.2b and it's not that much added, but I suppose they didn't push it out just for the content so I'd reccomend the latest... That being said I just tried the extra content packs( Fictional Aircraft, Joke Planes, Ground Weapons and Decorations) and I must say that I have no idea why I haven't done it before, they add a LOT of fun stuff. It's not hard to install them but if you wish I can send you the already modified mod if you'd rather not spend time copy-pasting (and downloading from a page written in japanese (with a guide to what to do though that is in english so you don't actually need to know japanese)) since you'd be missing out quite a lot of stuff without them. Sure the mod is fun as hell without em, but if you can have them, why not?

    If you must and you have the power to run them both, I'd suggest to get them both. Or at least remove Flan's Packs regarding Planes, Helicopters, Turrets (and artillery) and tanks, and have McHeli fit that role while Flan's gets the Mechs and others done. Belive me when I say, those models look waaay better than Flans. Also, make sure you take the version from Curse, not the other stuff, those are outdated and all, I took the 1.0.0 myself but will try the 1.0.2 and perhaps the 1.0.2b when I get the chance, those were uploaded recently so I had no idea until I went to check it out today

    If you want, you could replace Flan's with McHeli. Although many people said it's buggy and whatnot, I'd reccomend you don't listen and try it out yourself as the recent version has removed pretty much all of those bugs and added lots of new stuff, including tanks (and very well made i might add). Compared to Flan's, all 3: tanks, turrets and aircraft, have better weaponry (for example cannons have weapon modes, and tanks can fire different shells, some even mortar), they look way better (it's like comparing BF3 to BF1, really) and they seem to behave nicely (tanks will tilt according to the terrain for example), but are easier to craft, meaning that it's all done with vanilla items, you don't need to craft the engine for the tank, you just craft the tank itself. If you want pictures or a demo (since most videos of McHeli are outdated) I could probably make and provide such, altough it's better to experience it than to see it.
    Edit: You will however have to find something else for guns and such if you want them, since McHeli adds stuff related to the Armored Combat aspect (afterall when you can fly a A-10 Thunderbolt II, why settle for shooting with an AK? Unless you can have both, in which case have both ).

    As Chocohead mentioned it's not possible, however, I do have something that may help you produce more power using an alternative to the semifluid generator, that also uses biogas, namely, a steam setup based on biogas. If you're willing to cheat a bit and increase the heat output of biogas to 2.0 you can even make a superheated steam setup, only problem is, it will also require a radioisotope heat generator to top off the heat up to 100 or 200 respectively, since the biogas will yield either 32 or 64 respectively, per fluid heat generator. If you want details or to see it, feel free to PM me, it's not hard to set up, but I suppose it's easier to see it first rather than to start from scratch.

    Well, brewing should surely be in on this, since fuels are a delicate matter that require lots of adding and distilling and more. I say we leave the cooling separately and have the brewing take care of the fuel, perhaps in a better way than with booze barrels, something with a gui as well that lets you know how much time it's been brewing for and what you're getting atm, the burn duration and others for current fuel, or just add an item to use on the barrel to tell us just that. Either way, I belive it's a good idea to add such fuels in IC2.

    Well that's not quite how a diesel engine works, you can't cool it by putting something in the fuel, it must be on a separate circuit, perhaps normal reactor coolant would suffice, or plain old water and distilled water (the later preventing calification like on a steam generator). Also fans, reactor vents or overclocked vents and so forth could be put in to cool it. Maybe when the vent is added, it would even modify the texture to show the vent being there, by the radiator.

    Having ethanol seems like a nice idea, but I'd reccomend having the generator not randomly explode, instead have it require cooling and if cooling's not provided, then explode, also perhaps ethanol should be put in universal fluid cells (because they should take more than fluids, gases or semi-fluids as well). That being said, I'd really like to see this fuel type put in. Perhaps many more should be added at once, ethanol, kerosene, and bio-diesel. All made from plants and perhaps in the fermenter not in the booze barrel, much like biogas is being made now. This would also be a great oportunity to implement a diesel generator maybe?
    And I don't mean something like this:
    More like this:…/photo-g/8983-6027385.jpg or this:…ator_on_an_oil_tanker.jpg