Suggestion: Wireless electricity

  • Ok, IRL, this would not be plausible. But MC is not real life!

    I was messing around with some wirless modes (wirless redstone, teleport pipes, portal gun] and found that while evrything else was wirelss, I had to go great distances to transport my power from point A to point B. I used up A LOT of Cable .
    As in, 3 or 4 inventories worth. [yes, my nuclear reactor is that far away]
    What im wondering is, could we have something to wirelessly transfer power?

    And before you go on about how its not possible IRL, this is a GAME. NOT REAL LIFE.

    Oh, and i guess ill stick a crafting recipe here:

    Cable Teleporter Cable

    Energy Crystal Advanced Machine Energy Crystal

    Cable Advanced Circuit Cable

    dunno how much sense that ^ would make. Cables for transfering power, crystals to store it, circuits and stuf for the tech, and a telepoter because what eles? :thumbup:

  • Already has been suggested and Al said he might implant it :thumbup:

    Oh. If you can direct me to the other suggestion link then. Although if its alrady been suggested and promised to go in...