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    I have been able to set up an automated system to make me diamonds from Wood, Flint and Obsidian. Other mods are required. I happen to be using the tekkit pack.

    1) The wood is smelted into charcoal
    2) 4 bits of charcoal are autocrafted with the philosophers stone into Coal
    3) Coal is macerated into coal dust
    4) 8 coal dust and 1 flint autocrafts into a coal ball
    5) The coal ball is compressed
    6) 8 Compressed coal balls and 1 bit of obsidian autocrafts into a coal chunk
    7) The coal chunk is compressed to produce diamond

    There is about a 5000 EMC gain from using this method, and using the nuclear reactor I showed in the video provides more than enough power (Its only struggling because of overclockers)

    Definitely MUCH more then 30 seconds. Unless you want a bugged and SMP-infunctional Luminator.
    1-2 hours of total work, most likely.

    Why is it more work? All it is is an additional server side stored integer which counts down in the tile entity on tick. Having a delay before a luminator can reactivate will be a partial bugfix....until the awesomeness you guys are coding can be released. Whenever the tile switches from Luminator off to luminator on it forces a block update on the client and a lighting update so a delay on the server so I dont see why if it works in single player why it wont in multiplayer.

    Anyway I dont see what your complaining about, doing calculations, only when you have a reactor 800 eu/t + will you require an external transformer or MFE/MFSU to filter the power.

    Even if the power is fluctuating, it would never fluctuate in the positive range above the cable unlike what I said.......because the cells fail to tick, they dont double at any time so its impossible for it to, so thats a mistake on my part there.

    It basically adds a bit more depth to reactors, and it doesnt break anything.

    And how is this IC2's fault? You should inform Chickenbones or someone working on forge instead. I've seen people with this error but they shouldn't be here asking for a fix anyway.

    I have just posted it here so that anyone who does have the issue can quickly get an answer without making duplicate posts and only getting half a useful answer.

    then why do you want this?

    Because you put down a nuclear reactor which is not difficult to build, you put in a uranium cells which are not hard to make, and you are set for energy for the rest of your minecraftian days.

    With this change you need to use MFE's as a EU buffering system which takes up space. Plus crafting the additional components will take up space in the reactor if you want a steady current if your reaching your cables limits, because remember if your EU fluctuates above your cable capacity BOOM your cable melts.

    no! no! no! 1000 times no! here's why
    1. screw with how reactors work and all existing reactors explode!
    2. basically all the generators except the basic one are in a delicate balancing act. if you implement this then people will simply abandon nuclear power for geo-gens or wind energy.

    1) The changes suggested decrease the amount of heat produced, as cells will misfire 10% of the time.
    2) Thats the whole point. Stop people setting up simple nuclear reactors.
    3) Cant be bothered to watch at this time of night. If its about the american scout who caused an environmental disaster in his own shed and the video is in response to my wooden hut quip I know all about it. Wasnt successful at containing it was he.

    Considering that Alblaka doesnt even know Parts of the IC²-Code (i saw a few examples of that), the fact that an IDE (for example Eclipse) needs ca. 15 seconds to start on an average Computer, and the extremly dense Code of IC² (I have not even found that Part of the Luminator after 10 minutes), i would say it would take half an hour.

    30 Seconds, to write the code.

    I know full well the time implications of finding code in a large project.

    Although with an IDE, again if its managed properly luminator should be in its own class file.

    the stickies say run a search at the top only those who don't read them wouldn't know that

    I have read them thank you very much, and I have searched but admittedly didn't go beyond the first page, for the simple reason I dont want to be going through a hundred different posts to try and find something that might not be on here.

    Im not asking for a rework to magically appear, im asking for a temporary solution which will allow them to be used in a reasonable way....which from a programmers perspective I don't see why it cant be put in in 30 seconds.

    I suggest that if people want less repetition of threads then a sticky thread is posted with information in like what has been discussed in this thread.

    I have come up with some changes to nuclear reactors which would make it more of a hassle to set up. Currently it is quite simple to set up a nuclear reactor in your wooden hut.

    1) Output Fluctuates
    Rather than having a steady output, nuclear reactors have an irregular output. I propose to accomplish this by applying a 90% success rate to uranium cell ticks, if a uranium cell does not tick successfully then the surrounding cells cannot tick with the failed cell on that tick. This way the bigger the nuclear reactor the bigger the fluctuation.

    2) Capacitor Array :Batpack: (Internal Reactor Component)
    Capacitive arrays will attempt to keep the nuclear reactor at a constant output. They will attempt to keep their charge at 50%. They can exchange EU at a rate of 5 eu/t. The more you place in the reactor the more energy can be exchanged per tick.

    3) Lapcap Array :Batpack: (Internal Reactor Component)
    The same as a Capacitor array but can exchange 25 eu/t.

    4) Lapanium
    Some people of the community have been asking for a long time for an alternate form of uranium, here is my idea for it. First you compress lapis, into lapis cell. Then you put it into a very hot reactor until it turns into a Lapanium cell. Lapanium cell produce the same amount of energy as uranium but twice the heat and last for a tenth of the time.

    I am open to suggestions for the recipes

    Type Luminator into the search and there is not a lot of posts which come up about the rework of luminators.

    That post you linked me to, doesn't appear to have any official comment from a developer? Just people from the community claiming its in for a rework.

    There is currently a compatibility issue between Not Enough Items and Forge. When installed side by side Minecraft fails to load. This is not a problem with IndustrialCraft 2 and no one on the forums can help you resolve the problem.

    The newest version of forge that is known to work with Not Enough Items is Or if you do not want to downgrade forge, use Too Many Items.

    Forge Has also been reported to work.