[512x][1.10] Daenaras ic2 generator and machine block textures

  • I don't really like the hd texture packs that I could find for ic2 and I play using hd textures for minecraft so I decided to make my own textures. I only plan on doing the generator and machine blocks right now, the other textures are more complex to do right now and it's easy to find something usable in vanilla resource packs that works with copy&paste&rename. The style I'm trying to use is the vanilla ic2 style in hd. Therefore nothing fancy, just blocks that have the same base and a few details that makes them distinguishable. That way they can be used with nearly any hd resource pack.

    Here is one screenshot which shows the basic machine block, two electric furnaces and the sorting machine. A few more screenshots can be found on my homepage where you also find the download(s). Right now there is not much done but I will continue working on it.


  • I released version 0.2 today. Not that many new textures in this release but the ones that exist right now are in use even if the whole machine is not done yet. So you will see quite a few machines with not all sides done yet, reverting to default of another resource pack you use. If that bothers you, I suggest you stay with version 0.1 since not one machine got completed this release, just a few new textures. The download is, and will likely be for any update 'till this is finished, on my homepage found in the first post.


  • This is a pretty cool looking pack. Out of curiosity, do you recommend a companion Vanilla resource pack?

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    Someone should fix the gravel texture in the background. It's been years now, come on people.

  • Thanks. I could name you a few I took textures from but I use it with a custom compilation I put together from others. It should work with any pack 64x or higher. If you don't have a favorite one you could look at Chroma Hills or one of the Photorealism packs out there.