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    I'm not sure if I should even be able to see deleted threads but even if it is intended that users can see the title maybe you should deactivate it. The way it is now the spambots can still get their URLs out there by having them in the title and readable for all.

    I got that information from one of the biggest computer magazines in Germany. They cited Microsoft announcements that stated just that before Windows 10 came out. Since then they reported on every change they made (and quite a bit of the data debate around it). If I remember right there should be a end of service for major patches instead of versions now. I think they even extended the support when the anniversary update came out. My guess is, that they just display the farthest end of support there and drop people who managed to not update quietly.

    Maybe it won't be called "Windows 11", but I'm sure Microsoft is already planning some sort of successor to Windows 10. They'd be stupid not to.

    Microsoft plans to only update Windows 10, most likely they will take money for an upgrade and without the upgrade the PC won't work anymore, or will be as bad off as a Windows 7 without support because of the mandatory update policy in Windows 10.

    Well, games on Linux is a bit problematic since it works with some, but not all. I myself use Windows 7,I even updated to Pro a few weeks ago and hope Microsoft will get its shit together. There won't be a Windows 11, at least it was not planned. The data collection can be turned down, but if you don't have the education version and use it in a domain you can't block everything. They still are allowed to do whatever they want with your data (on the PC) and even with your software (mandatory updates). In Germany there is even debate if it is allowed to be used in university settings because by default if you type a paper on it Microsoft has rights on that, too. The best I see for after 2020 right now is to use Win7 for gaming and Linux for everything else. If I don't get a security patch it won't matter much if I only game on it

    I would not use windows 10, it has serious issues with collecting data and even allows microsoft to look at your pc and download and use everything on there. Cooler and powersupply I don't know about, just don't know the manufacturers, the rest looks okay. If I pick a powersupply, I always pick one from beQuiet, that is the best one I know of, I might be wrong there thought. If it's in the budget I would try for a bigger hdd, 1tb is full fairly fast with the size most games already have, put a few videos or music there and it's full to the brim. Also a good idea is to get an additional ssd, even if it's just a small one for the operating system, the pc will boot within seconds with one.



    it might be that I'm blind but I have fonud no option to mark all forums as read. Also, the menu is a bit useless to me. I can click on forum there and I get a list with the headline forum and only one poin,t watched threads. Wouldn't it be better to just remove this menu, if possible, and add another link to the watched threads? I know it is the representation of the dropdoenmenu on the top but it having only one point makes for useless clicking on the mobile, on the PC it is fine because its't hover.


    Early game power generation must be quite powerful

    Since the comment was about using gold cable to power machines that need 1EU/t if inactive one would guess that there is enough power behind to run them actively. Otherwise there is another issue besides the energy loss. Placing advanced machnies and powering them with redstone is something people won't do if they don't have the energy to use them.

    What resolution/screen size are you on?

    It is bigger than before, but thats where the web is going pretty much

    Well, it's 1920x1080 and it's around 1,5cm height. Thats a bit of space waste.

    Also something else sems to have changed. The old forum could keep me logged in, I checked the box but had to log in again with the new one.

    Two recomandations for the shoutbox:

    always show when the message was sent, not only on hover and new messages at the bottom not the top

    Also, the buttons in the "action bar" on top of the forum are a bit large and so that bar is it, too. Same for the font used for the write reply text in the forum

    Also the link IC² Forum shows an empty page with the shoutbox. I think there should be something

    My guess is, that this mod and the new optifine functionality try to modify the same parts of the game and/or create a conflict that causes a crash. I think that would be one reason this tool only exists for 1.7.10 and not up.


    Well, it is great that it calculates them, but it would be by far better if you have to get precalculated files for every new version and can look them up ingame instead of not getting them. If the mod itself can only show precalculated files, one can just use a mod or a small applet that calculates the stuff either from minecraft startup or from the jars of the mods and when the files are generated, one can just remove the mod until the next upgrade. That way there is one long startup every mod update, and otherwise it's fast.

    Since it's not possible to calculate all combinations on 1.10, why not make a simplified version that at least shows what you can get and a few more information that are just stored somewhere (like a database, a file, etc.) and load the information from there. I don't know what exactly it can show it 1.7.10, never played there but a bit more info about crops would be nice. I know what I can breed and how from reading tons of 1.7.10 crop guides, not everyone does that.


    I haven't tried it because I couldn't afford to lose my chunkloader but JEI tells me it is a tier 1 machine. It doesn't have slots for upgrades so a transformer upgrade is out. I'd like for those to be added, even if it only support transformer upgrades, of for it to be able to be used in higher tier networks because otherwise you have to craft up to 3 transformers just to put a chunkloader in there with higher tier machines and those, that can use upgrades.