"Industrialized" - IC2, Buildcraft, Red Power Let's Play!

  • Hey guys, I figured I'd add my IndustrialCraft2 let's play into the mix!


    It starts off kind of slow, so if you want to get to the more interesting stuff skip to episode 9! I did way too much mining in the first 8 episodes but if you like caving then they might interest you.

    Mods used:
    BuildCraft 2.x, IndustrialCraft2, RedPower, Steve's Carts, Somnia, Timber.

  • These Video's are Pretty Good. But It is A Strain on my eyes when I look at what your mining when you are in the dark because the You Tube Graphics were not very good.
    Can you tell me which videos have Version 1.8.1 And latest version of IC2. and BC 2.20+
    Im not a Newbie at IC2 or BC but I would like to watch your videos :thumbup:

  • In Episode 19 you said "It rains here like every 2nd day"
    Well, I have that problem to and its Really annoying.
    I think these Videos are Great :thumbup:

    Timber Mod, Thanks for the Link its awesome.

    That Map is Awesome!