Tutorial: Installation of IndustrialCraft² (For Server MC 1.2.5 and earlier)

  • Setting Up IndustrialCraft² On A Server:
    (This requires that you at least know how to set up a vanilla server, so I will not go into unneeded details).

    • Start by downloading the minecraft_server.jar file from here .
    • Open the minecraft_server.jar file and copy in the ModLoaderMP server file (Use SDK's version for Minecraft version 1.2.3 or later).(No longer needed after IC2 version 1.95 for MC 1.2.5)
    • Copy in the Minecraft Forge (Server side).
    • Similar to the client, just copy the IC² jar file into the server's parent folder's mods directory.
    • Start up the server to generate the config file, and get to work on Terraforming the planet with your friends!