Server: Moderncraft [IndustrialCraft² + RedPower2]

  • IGN: Dragoone34

    ah another feanturi server, iv'e had good experiences on your servers before and i have a great love of industrialcraft.
    i would mention my ability of work in basic redstone (locks, lighthouses , chimes, ect)but anyone out there can do that, i do admit i live working in a community and i have a base all worked out.
    also as a question, how far out can we go to get materials? anyways i hope this server wont fall to time or greifers like so many others.

    :Water Mill: Building water generators since IC1 v5 :Water Mill:

  • IGN: Rockflayer

    Reason I would like to join: I am looking for a decent IC server to join that have very few greifers, and with a lot of friendly players. I would like to build a pretty decent factory along with some other players.

    So if its possible, may i be whitelisted to play with you guys? Thanks.


  • Hi my name is Zyrnos and i played on several Minecraft Servers with whitelist and now i found the industrialcraft mod and played it multiple times.
    Now i heard of this server and want to play with you guys.

    So please add me to the whitelist so i can play on this server with you.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon


  • Hey, I'm TiNy39. I've been playing Industrial Craft for a while and it's been the best building mod yet. I've played on several minecraft servers before, and I've always tried to better the community. I hope to try to join sometime.

  • Hi Feanturi,

    my name's necans (my IGN also),and im a regular IC player since April (i think it was version two point something).I really liked the idea of IC being MP,but never got into it.I played so much SP,that i decided i should try MP.I cant say for myself,but people say im polite,mature and friendly,but you be judge of that.Im good technician,but i cant make things look pretty,only functional and compact (my SP world is a mess).

    I think thats enough,hope to get accepeted and see you ingame!

  • IGN DemonPod
    Reason I would like to play on this server. I love Industrialcraft Mod. And server's That run it.
    I have never Been Banned before.
    I will Listen And respect all the Rules.
    And If I don't I will accept my Punishment.

    , DemonPod

  • my IGN is : matlykke
    i have only played Industrialcraft once so i dont know too many of the items, i love to meet new players and maybe they can help me get better at Ic2
    i have griefed sometimes but thats only on no-mod servers i would never grief or ruin a modded server with industrialcraft :P
    i am 15 years old, live in Denmark and i am a very helpfull player if i can help with something. :rolleyes: :)

  • IGN ross498
    Reason Why I would like to play. I love Industrial craft. I love Industrial craft servers. I like to build And do Industrial wiring. IC2 Is my favorite mod.
    I have not been banned before. I just recently Bought minecraft.
    I will follow all rules and Respect them
    If I fail to do that. Then I will Accept My punishment.

    and i love solar power :Solar Panel:

  • Hello. im Ricardo im 21 im from Portugal and my Mc username is: Rido007

    i would like to get white-listed on server cause i think industrial craft is one of the reasons mc makes sense until new features are added into the game...and since its hard to find a good server with Ic that doesnt lag much....doesnt have griefers and stealers...or that we dont have to pay to play i thought this would be a good one to try.

    i heard about this server from a friend of mine. and just so you know...i have been banned from a minecraft server cause i kinda griefed an already abandoned and griefed wood "house" ... it was the first day i bought the game so i didnt knew what grief standed for and i didnt knew i couldn't destroy an already destroyed construction...

    im being honest cause i really want to play a good server with Ic mod without forcing me to pay to play.

    • Official Post

    For All People, who are on this server:
    Please get on within the next 3 hours and put your inventories into Personal Safes! I will stop the server in about 4 hours and after map Reset your Inventories will be RESETTED too.

    The personal Safes will loose ownership, BUT before any player can join, i will rightclick them all. Then you will just have to ask me about 'opening' them.

    Thanks for your attention!

  • IGN: marcelvsleo


    iam marcel and i play minecraft since beta 1.3. In between I've played the first version of ic
    Now i want to play on a good ic² server because i like ic² very much.

    Please add me to the white list :D

  • Yo,IGN: HSOTRAGot the technic pack v2 after seeing it on yogscast about 2 months ago, found industrialcraft, went to the wiki, saw this server advertised, clicked it, finally signed up to the forums after considering it, and applied for this awesome looking server. there it is

    I agree to the server rules and regulations, look forward to playing

  • Hi, My IGN is Killerhornet25
    I Absolutely ADORE the Industrial Craft Mod,
    I tried to install this on my server, but it didnt work, So I decided to come here.
    My hopes are to help further develop the server and make new friends with the people inside.
    I have never griefed on a server.
    I also force update about once a day, so x-ray or cheats not here
    I Agree to the rules, and I hope I can play with you soon

  • LOL why do you force update once a day? U know u would also lose IC^2 when u do that. :?:

    Have a nice day! Einen schönen Tag noch! Buona giornata! Passez une bonne journée! 有一個很好的一天!素敵な一日を! Хорошего дня!