Maciating hand tools and some 1.10 suggestions

  • I'm using IC2 in 1.10 and I'm getting a ton of stuff I really can't use. I mean, I got metal hand tools now that I now have the drill/chainsaw for. The same goes with armor.

    So why can't I maciate them back for the equivilant metal dust? The diamond, stone, and wood tools, don't maciate. Ditto for diamond, leather and chainmail armor. (Although, if you introduce small piles of diamond dust, I'm good with it being maciated).

    Helmet: 45 metal dust
    Chestplate: Splits into two pieces, then 36 metal dust per piece.
    Leggings: 63 metal dust
    Boots: 36 metal dust
    Axes and Pickaxes: 27 metal dust
    Swords and Hoes: 18 metal dust
    Shovels: 9 metal dust.

    If there's wear/damage on the weapon/armor, the amount of dust returned is reduced. For the chest plate, the pieces split the damage.

    The only other thing I can't use is the Magma blocks. I mean, they got some power in them, and they are made with regular magma orbs... but they occur naturally in the Neither in 1.10. Can't we use them somewhere, like a Solid Geothermal Generator or Heater?