Make the chunkloader compatible to higher energy tiers

  • I haven't tried it because I couldn't afford to lose my chunkloader but JEI tells me it is a tier 1 machine. It doesn't have slots for upgrades so a transformer upgrade is out. I'd like for those to be added, even if it only support transformer upgrades, of for it to be able to be used in higher tier networks because otherwise you have to craft up to 3 transformers just to put a chunkloader in there with higher tier machines and those, that can use upgrades.


  • Well, my chunkloader doesn't have upgrade slots or the info bubble which tells me which upgrades I can use. You could have added it and it's not in the GUI, that I can't tell. I'm on the newest working version for 1.10, at least if you didn't get it working again today.

  • I looked for an upgrade slot in 2.6.142-ex110 and didn't see one. Thought about solar panels, but, you know, nighttime. Only on a tier 2 network though, so crafting transformer wasn't bad.

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