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  • my in game name is : Manamei

    I would love to play the server get back to me as soon as possible plz.

  • Hello my IGN is: Fundevin

    I have only played a on a couple servers and have never griefed.

    The last server I was on was PPP papas pig palace. Got bored of that because I love industrial craft and buildcraft.
    Hope I can join!
    Fundevin :Nuke TNT:

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  • Please ad me into the white list, my IGN is: acinonyx
    I'm veteran in minecraft servers I played in MP 1 year and i'm not a griefer, and i'm not english, so if i write bad(probably i've doed), correct me and dont be angry :P

    P.D: I'm ready to build 8)

  • so yah we have this problem alot we are no longer whitlist so join away

    however we apear to be down at the moment the server is having trouble rebooting from a crash i dont know where the admins are tonight and also the pmods usually oh so very active have all but evaporated so as soon as one of the admins sees this post and can get to a computer to fix it we shud be back running

    ok so i really feel like a broken record here maby this will cause lev to adjust his op the pmod bit is not apicable to today however i am begining to take concern at the integrity of our current map we have had connection issues and chunk coruptions

  • proma ur killin it plz dont log and plz post what ur cords are also plz if u know ur logged in near proma dont log in as well until i can look through the chunk or lev or para figures it out

  • i managed to isolate the chunk where the crash occurs its near -103x and469z this is a location twords the mountains from the player city if you reside in that region do not enter there also if you are currently logged off in that location do not log in

    as i donot have console commands remotly and no access to the server i cannot solve the problem until one of those people are avalible

  • Yea I think that's around where my house is, which is weird because it wasn't causing any problems yesterday and I didn't add anything since.

  • So did some log digging and crap a big problem i have noticed, is 2/3 of my crashes are as follow
    [Warning]entity is at x, x (chunk x,x) wrong location for net.minecraft.server.MoC.kitty@x in world.

    [Servere] server has stopped,

    Have a problem with kitties in Mo Creatures killed all the kitties try now

  • So i have been white listed for a while but never been able to play. I was getting around to playing and when i tried to install the mods via the mod pack i dident know how. help any one. And sorry for being a noob lol.

  • So i have been white listed for a while but never been able to play. I was getting around to playing and when i tried to install the mods via the mod pack i dident know how. help any one. And sorry for being a noob lol.

    Fortunately, with MCforge, jar work has been greatly reduced. All that is necessary to install is first the lastest version of Modloader, then Modloader MP, Also, there is a player fix for modloader mp (I think it still needs to be added). After these are put in the jar, the latest version of MCforge is next to be placed in the jar file. For best results, drop one into the jar, close the jar, and run the game to make sure it is working in before installing the next step. Jar work is the most annoying and fickle part of installing mods. (if you dont know how to install anything in jar folders, download 7zip or something similar, and open the jar with it, along with opening the downloaded zip file, and drag and drop from the download into the jar, also META-INF folder in jar must ALWAYS be deleted). Then the rest is easy, just take the mods from the pack and place them in the mods folder, and place the resources files for MoCreatures into the resources/mods folder. A config must also be changed, instructions are available on the first page.. Essentially, follow the instillation instructions of each prerequesite and you should be fine!

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  • Thank you helped lots will be on in a little while :D

    Glad it worked out. I hate adding mods so the more painless the better!

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