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  • Hi, me and my friend would like to try your server, we can't find any servers to play that has any Buildcraft + Industrialcraft.

    Me and my friend both read the rules, I'm making an application for both him and me (Since he's too lazy to make one himself).
    We both agree to all of the rules and would like to be whitelisted. Our IGN's are Grinjr and toddog45. I'm Grinjr, and he's toddog45.

    History: Me (Grinjr) and Lio (Toddog45) have been friends for a while, I started a server of my own and he was an OP on it. I've never been kicked, warned, banned, muted, or anything on any server, I've moderated servers, and I have the most respect for the rules of a server. I used to play a few other servers, one being one of the top servers. I was well known on that server for a while until I made my own server to play with my friends. I have never broken any rules, not griefed even though mots people have atleast griefed once, and I agree to all the rules. I shall still follow the rules and not break any, as I have done on every other server I have played.

    Mods that I have in my .jar: IC2, BC, RecipeBook (SSP Only), RedPower.

    If you need any more information about anything to do with me, just comment back and quote this message. I always watch this forum and watch for me to be whitelisted.
    Thanks for your time!

  • IGN: Sporeman58

    History: As an avid minecrafter, I have been playing since Alpha. Ever since IC came out, I have always played with this mod, and have become adept with it. I have never been banned, suspended or even warned on any server I have been a part of; I never swear, use proper English, and help others often. Thank you for making an IndustrialCraft server, and thank you for your time!


  • I got on for a brief second the world didn't even begin to load before I was kicked by admin no reason given. The only guess I could make is because I had Rie minimap mod installed however it doesn't actually work with the mods needed for this server so i sort of forgot about it.

  • IGN Stickky

    hey ive been playing on the server for a couple weeks. and today i was exploring for a new site to build on the new world and i died and everytime it loads the town chunks i crash, i lost my diamond drill and some other stuff that i cant get back to retrieve, i tried to log in many times and same thing everytime, seems like a specific chunk in the town area is crashing me with black screen. i dont know if its possible to fix this or not or if it would be possible at all to get my items back. i mainly just care about the diamond drill because i didnt do alot of stuff to gather resorces because of the fact the world was getting reset so anyway if not w/e its cool. just wanted to let you know about the spawn area crashing for me mainly. my toon is somewhere near -77.-09 but those chunks load fine just seems like everytime the town loads i crash.

  • Its cause you never did the redpower config, So when the town redpower stuff loads you crash. All can be avoided by reading the OP =)

  • Hello! Im Kenny. ign:kennydragon123

    I want to join this server mostly to have fun and build creative things with my friend, Will. His ign:william012900.
    I don't greif, i dont spam, i dont hack, and i respect all rules and admins. I have crazy imaginations to build and wish i can join this server. Please accept me and will! Thank you! :>

  • Whitelist updated. Missed your post grinjr but your on there now. :thumbup:

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