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  • Everyone,

    Server is currently down due to a down power line in Levint70's area. We will have it back up as soon as possible but estimated time of repair isn't until 8 pm tonight.. and it's currently 11am.....

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  • Pokenar thats exactly what im doing, lol. figured I would try out some new mods.

    “Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing. Do you know, in nine hundred years of time and space I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important before.”
    The Eleventh Doctor

  • I strongly suggest Better Than Wolves for ssp. Lots of incredibly useful things added. And hemp. We always need hemp.

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  • They must have forgot to put the HV into the three dot side and it blew out the transformers. Lol, jk, I don't think it works like that IRL.

  • Sorry if some chest have forgot owners the mod change moved some files... there are a few issues about panels in red power... from what i understand it is a failure in 1.8 not actually redpower. As you have seen in some cases paneled items dissapear... but placement of a torch or switch or door moving and they reappear... the problem is a core problem with 1.8 as the signs in the game do the same thing, hopefully 1.9 resolves a ton of issues 1.8 caused.

  • Hello Everybody,
    I am interested in playing in this server.
    My IGN is aragin.
    I have played many on many servers including Fean's Moderncraft V1(ic1 version) and Moderncraft V2(IC2 version)
    I have built an inn on the Moderncraft V1 and a public powered workshop.
    Hope I get whitelisted

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  • Hey guys, just wanted to pass along a little info just in case anyone does the same stupid crap i do. :whistling:

    when i updated to rp2.0pr2 i logged on and i could not open my personal safe that contained all my rp2 items, ie emralds, rubys, red alloy, ect. i also could not see the alloy furnace i made before the update.

    i tried useing a wrench on the chest and i insta crashed. couldnt log back on, insta crashes. Come to find out i did not update my redpower config file as mentioned on page one. I previously did before the update so i just didnt think about it when we updated. hope this helps anyone that might forget like me :)

    Thanks for the awsome server btw.

  • IGN: Traveno

    Hey, i'm looking for a great server, (IC + BC + RP is what im looking for.) I find redpower amazing and I love to use it. I'm 14, and I'm an alpha user. I bought the game on 9/11/10 (Which was my birthday, I know, big shock) I loved minecraft ever since the first night of me playing, now I like playing with IC and BC, and now with RP? Sounds great :thumbup:

  • Looking to join an SMP server for Bc2 and IC2 this looks like a great one for me! been playing with Ic and bc for 2 months now. Looking forword to playing with others too
    IGN: Zargmelon

  • Has there been a rollback? 'Cause I'm missing quite a bit of stuff and some stuff that I've built is missing. I'm also missing stuff in my inv.

    EDIT: I'm not complaining btw, I didn't really lose much, it just means that I have to explore a little bit of cave again, which is alot easier the second time.

    EDIT2: I didn't want to make another post so I'll ask here. Does anyone know how good the new RP tools are, aka Saphire, Emerald, and Ruby ones.