More fuels for the Semifluid Generator

  • It would be cool if Semifluid Generator could use more types of liquid fuel from other mods (in 1.10 the only non-IC2 fuels allowed are Forestry Biomass & Ethanol and TE Refined Fuel)
    The fuels that would make sense to be usable inside Semifluid Generator:

    • Immersive Engineering: Biodiesel and Ethanol (maybe even Plant Oil?)
    • Thermal Expansion: Naptha, Liquifacted Coal and Tree Oil
  • Immersive Engineering: Biodiesel and Ethanol (maybe even Plant Oil?)

    And creosote, please. I don't care how inefficiently it burns. I just want a better way to use it than a void pipe.

    (And no, crafting treated wood doesn't use up nearly enough of it...)

  • Immersive Engineering:

    IE creosote is pretty much a straight clone of Railcraft's creosote - produced by literally the same machine using the same input resources. In Railcraft, creosote oil is pegged at 1/10th the fuel value of Forestry ethanol. Ethanol is supported by the semifluid generator and produces 32,000 EU per bucket. You could support both Railcraft and IE creosote in this way.

    IE's diesel generator supports both its own biodiesel as well as traditional Buildcraft fuel. While it does not support Forestry's ethanol, the balance between biodiesel and Buildcraft fuel is about 3:1. Unfortunately, IE also has its own Ethanol resource - and this is an ingredient to making biodiesel. I don't know if Forestry's ethanol can be substituted. Plant Oil and ethanol are used in a 50/50 mixture to make biodiesel, under additional energy input. Overall I'm not sure if it's worth giving these two burn values, since they're not meant for any other purpose in IE than to be made into biodiesel.

    So, to sum up,I suggest:

    IE Creosote: 3,200 EU at 4 EU/t

    Railcraft Creosote: 3,200 EU at 4 EU/t

    IE Biodiesel: 42,000 EU at 32 EU/t

    And if you want to:

    IE Ethanol: 32,000 EU at 16 EU/t
    IE Plant Oil: 16,000 EU/t at 8 EU/t

    ...but these values are just guesstimated and do not take into account the difficulty of producing them, which I don't have memorized.

    The liquid fuel heat generator seems to mirror the semifluid generator's fuels and output, so it should probably get them too.


    Thermal Expansion's new fuel types are listed as follows:

    Liquid Coal: 500,000 RF/b

    Naphtha: 1,250,000 RF/b

    Refined Fuel: 2,000,000 RF/b

    Tree Oil: 1,000,000 RF/b a compression dynamo. The same engine pulls 500,000 RF out of a bucket of Forestry ethanol.

    Ergo, I suggest:

    Liquid Coal: 32,000 EU at 16 EU/t

    Naphtha: 80,000 EU at 32 EU/t

    Refined Fuel: 128,000 EU at 32 EU/t

    Tree Oil: 64,000 EU at 16 EU/t

    These values look high, compared to the rest of the semifluid generator's portfolio, but there's another indication that this is balanced: making a bucket of liquid coal consumes 10 pieces of coal, which would be worth 40,000 in a basic generator. So burning liquid coal is actually a loss. Then, you can refine two buckets of liquid coal into a bucket of naphtha, which makes naphtha equivalent to 80,000 EU in a basic generator - here you break even. Then you can further refine the naphtha into refined fuel, which is still equivalent to 20 coal pieces, but now exceeds their burn value after three intermediate processing steps that took power. Seems fair to me.

    Tree oil could be dropped to 32k since it can be generated passively, if you feel that is fairer, but it is only generated at 1 mB/s per machine dedicated to the task.

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