G1R Warcraft: IC2, project red, guns, ICBM, gregtech & much more!

  • its a good idea, maby just put a black box over the capitols, just when you make the new map at the beggining

    maybe add a number / letter grid? like dividing areas of map into sections like D3, C9 etc.? would make planning for wars easier i think

  • As much as I would like to build large infrastructure networks, towers for signaling planes, structures for people to actually use, some people *cough*


    *cough* would systematically dismantle them. Not for the resources they contain, just to agitate me. Also denying your opponents access to transportation/navigation networks is a strategic imperative and I can assure you that more than one person on each team would would tear them down as soon as possible. It will also be less necessary to do this in the future due to the hieght cieling being raised. That should make much more airspace available. Can't wait to see some high altitude bombing!

    In the meantime you guys are just going to be happy with what I already give you: IED's, trapdoor lava pitfalls, rogue tesla coils and the occasional mob invasion (lol mobs, what a joke).

    And here's a tasty treat for dear comrade shniggle: yum.

  • I like this infrastructure idea also.

    Since the map is being deleted I may as well say this hehe...I already made a tunnel to red capital. Haha! Have I ever showed/told you about that Mens? Lol.

    Transportation ftw...so don't get rid of railcraft....then again I can just use boosters as the high speed railing is quite laggy.. :(

    Edit: Soemone ran a minecart down it and I crashed into it and blew up, yeah, sometimes it isn't the best idea especially for a rail system. Lol.

  • Crap...now I've told Red about our super secret damaged 25% underground covered in lava tunnel! They'll find out and they'll use it! Oh Noez!

  • As of now, I resign from my position as a Rep. on the Red team. I just don't enjoy being on this server anymore. I can't play against a team that had "unlimited resources" while we actually had to work for our supplies. Mensrea has banned steam engines now and that is good, but I wont be playing much on the server until the new map.

    I might show up now and again on the server, but for the most part, expect me to be gone. It's been a great ride, DUBnet, and from the beginning I loved your promise and enjoyed fighting alongside my Red brothers, but this is where I must choose between ending this, or lying to myself about the kind of people I'd like to be playing Minecraft with.

    I recommend Shniggle to be granted Rep. powers in my stead. He is a really good choice and I hope all the Reds can try to compete with the Blues.

    EDIT: Due to recent developments pertaining to stricter rules against unnecessary and excessive duping, the above statement is rendered void.

  • Wait, slow down babe, so what happened with steam engines, and blue having "unlimited resources"?

  • Hmmm.....I wonder who did it...I bet it was some new person wasn't it? X(

    Well, it was nice playing with you dean. Wish you would stay....but I understand what you mean. Not sure who did it either but I hope they were pretty much either banned or stripped of 99.99% of their items.

    I played on this other huge server (still up and has thousands of people with thousands of dollars in donations a month) and my group of PvPers have to fight against another team which uses hacks (admins are nice, give them many chances, only temp ban for 3 days) while other hackers get perma banned. Along with that, they dupe like hell, or they duped before exploiting every single MC glitch in the whole MC universe that I've never known before. Really screwed up economy's server and such yet they aren't getting banned. They're considerd "on thin ice", but still, they will never get really "banned" due to their PvP talent.... :(

    The meaning of me telling this story (I still play on this server every now and then) is that, I know how you feel about duping and I high disagree with any duping.

    Cause that team would have unlimited gear and such, able to keep fighting with unlimited materials and much much more.

    Hope to see you around again. ~mkeness

  • Oh right, because the presence of steam engines means people were using them to dupe. By the same logic everyone who owns a gun is a murderer, and everyone who ever used quantum in past wars abused the glitch with that, etc. What this all boils down to is this: whenever you guys lose the other team must be hacking. Theres no way they could be playing fair/not hacking under those circumstances, right?

    And did you just copy all of that from mistics resignation?